SPRING ’18: Your Survival Guide

Spring has sprung & we’re all for the sun shine and good times to come!

Everything about spring has the SL team excited: peeling off our jackets and slipping into our ‘kinis,
getting our tan game on point, and of course …

The weekend is here –
The tickets you paid for last year
The trip you & your friends planned months ago
The perfect time to go all out on your outfits
& having an unforgettable, steamy weekend in the California desert

Whether you’re dancing under the desert sun at Coachella or finally switching your winter coat for your favorite crop top somewhere else in the world, we have your Spring essentials to stand out & sunshine it up!
Read along for your ‘kini, clothing, and accessories must-haves for the season.

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Recipe: Mai Tai To Shine ✨

This weekend we’re inspired by our Mai Tai Bikini. So we decided to celebrate with a Tropical Mai Tai to pair with our Mai Tai bikini! Join in on the fun!

(Hint: The secret ingredient to this recipe is a sweet sale mentioned @ the end!)

Bikini pictured: Mai Tai Braided Bandeau & Braided Thong Bottom. Click image to shop

Create your own Tropical Mai Tai, you’ll need to follow these 5 steps.

Makes 1 Drink.

Step 1: Build it – Get all your Basic ingredients:

1 Scoop of Ice in your favorite Cup

1 oz White rum

1/2 oz Almond liqueur

1/2 oz Orange liqueur

2 oz Pineapple juice

1 oz Orange juice

1 oz Dark rum

Step 2: Pour it – 1 Scoop of ice in your favorite cup.

Add – 1 oz White rum

Add – 1/2 oz Almond liqueur

Add – 1/2 oz Orange liqueur

Step 3: Stir it – All ingredients above + 2 oz Pineapple juice & 1 oz Orange juice

Step 4: Float it – 1 oz Dark rum

Step 5: Garnish it – Add a Tropical umbrella, straw & some delicious fruits.


*Style Spotlight: Mai Tai & Guava*

Gather your merbabe squad, host your Hawaiian-themed Happy Hour, and shop $35 Mai Tai & Guava pieces now till January 28th! Stock up on your favorite ‘kini styles in this super sweet print combo! Click banner to sip, shop, repeat!


Cheers to the weekend!!!

xo- SLB

San Lorenzo’s Going On Tour 🌎

Next stop – YOU!

Since San Lorenzo Bikinis started, we stayed rooted in the best – oops, we meant West – coast. Our stores, our team, and our style has been loyal to livin’ our best lives & doin’ it all in a bikini.

But this year, we made a resolution to be more about you: featuring you, hearing from you, and making you a part of our ohana.

So we’re packing our ‘kinis, bringing our Hawaiian spirit, and going on tour!

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Christmas in Paradise

A well spend Christmas in paradise on the beach with Miss Lendel & her two beauties.
Christmas in Waikiki is a colorful wonderland. The water is the bluest blue and the sun shines bright through palms and over Diamond Head.
Gold Heart Bandeau Bikini Set: Left Havana & Right Orchid  
We spent a day getting excited for Christmas and the holiday season with one of our favorite little families.
Gold Heart Bandeau Bikini Set:  Left Caribe  & Right Calypso
Gold Heart Bandeau Bikini Set:  Left Caribe  & Right Calypso
The Lendel girls shared with us how they spend their Christmas here in paradise.
 Jemimah (right) “Told us she and her sister Leah (left) open gifts in the morning and mom takes us to Waikiki beach to play in the water & build sand castles.”Miss Lendel says ” It’s the best way to spend Christmas by soaking up the sun and relaxing with my girls.”
Miss Lendel rocking our Curacao Noche strapless one pieceGold Heart Bandeau Bikini Set:  Left Caribe  & Right Calypso
We watched the surf in our favorite Isla collection and watched
(Left Leah & Right Jemimah)  rocking out in their Christmas kinis and ukeleles.
and her lovelies are in Gold Heart Bandeau  Left Guava & Right Isla Bonita 
We ended the day with a tasty picnic by our favorite pink hotel – the Royal Hawaiian.
Grab your favorite Isla kini and come meet us at the beach!!

Kaua’i Adventures With Lex Weinstein

Shop the Le Romantique Aahana & Goji Ruffle Shoulder Top & Le Romantique Aahana & Goji Sport Brief Patch Bottom

We met up with the talented Lex Weinstein at one of her favorite secret spots in Kaua’i. Read on to find out how this surf goddess mixes art, farming and travel into her daily life!

Q: Hey Lex! Can you tell us a bit about your path into the surf and art world?

A: Sure thing 🙂 I went to school for graphic design and fine art at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida where I surfed tiny but warm waves all year round. After graduating I did a few years of visual merchandising for Anthropologie and and then won a styling contest with Reef. They flew me to Tahiti where I was able to assistant style my first campaign, and from there I was hooked on the surf, travel, styling lifestyle. I’ve basically been a gypsy ever since, seeking surf and creativity from Byron Bay to Kaua’i, California and Europe and everywhere in between. I’ve also expanded from just wardrobe styling to travel writing, producing, guiding retreats and giving workshops. I’m trying to incorporate a broader array of interests into my work that I think the world is craving right now — connection to nature through farming, surfing, and adventures abroad and connection to self through meditation, journaling and tarot readings.

Q: What role does the ocean play in your life?

A: The ocean to me, is a gift. She’s a guide, a friend, and a playmate all in one. I try to listen to what she has to offer every time I’m with her, and not use or judge her based on my own satisfaction. I’ve played in her waves until the stars came out, and cried at her shoreline when feeling lost. She’s a part of me and I’m a part of her. It’s a much more intimate connection than just a place I go to surf.

Q: Where do you draw your artistic inspiration?

A: The ocean has always been my biggest inspiration, I adore traveling to different coastlines and immersing in the culture, the food and the people surrounding it. I love to read and have about 4 half-read books with me at all times. I also play ukulele, piano, guitar and now drums a bit so music definitely plays a big role in my art as well.

Q: You’ve traveled quite a bit, can you tell us about some of your favorite places?

A: Australia will always hold a special place in my heart, Sri Lanka and Morocco were also unbelievable trips, Tahiti is magic and Samoa will take the cake for most beautiful landscape and people I’ve ever visited! But Europe right now has stolen my heart, Portugal, France and Spain have such an incredible eclectic mix of culture, food, wine, art, and surf culture. It’s nice to mix it up from island life and see what else the world has to offer.

Q: What adventures and travels are you up to next?

A: Next week I’m headed to Morocco with We Are Creative Adventurers for a week long retreat of surfing, camping, and immersion. We’ll be exploring food, culture, and creativity with writing workshops and community service projects. I’m so excited!

Q: Can you tell us about some of your current projects, especially your involvement in organic farming?

A: I have a homebase on Kaua’i that is very special to me, my dear friend runs a small organic farm and living and working there has taught me so much about this beautiful planet we live on. To me there is a direct connection between the sea and the soil, and right now I’m dreaming up ideas of how to integrate surfing and farming in a more comprehensive way. I think a lot of people are intimidated or think they don’t know much about how to grow food, but it’s not as complex as people think. As surfers, we care deeply about our natural resources, and if we all learned a little bit, we could easily be growing our own food and living more self-sufficiently. Our communities would be stronger, and the impact we could make as surfers across the globe could be huge. I’ve got a few ideas brewing so we’ll see what the future holds.

Q: What advice would you give others trying to follow in your footsteps?

A: Always listen to your gut. Do what makes you happy and say yes when an opportunity presents itself, even if you’re not sure how to make it happen. Be humble and trust the universe and the answer will reveal itself.

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Photography & Words By: Megan Costello @avalanchevocals










Endless Summer Adventures

We can’t believe the end of summer is already Over. After a summer full of endless adventures, we decided to spend the last day soaking up the sunrise to sunset in our Newest Isla collection.

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Halloween GHOULS Makeup

It’s that time of year again!

The one time of the year, you can forget you and be someone (or something) else!

This year we decided to bring out our inner Merbabe and Magical Unicorn. We invited the super talented makeup artist, Nina Villegas to come glo-up our girls!

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