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Introducing Moonlight Mele

For last week’s photo shoot, we skipped the postcard beaches and found our way to a tiny beach tucked away behind one of Oahu’s swankiest neighborhoods. We traded crowds and sweltering sunshine for quieter shores and shady spots and here, we found the perfect place to shoot our newest collection, Moonlight Mele.

At San Lorenzo Bikinis, our signature approach to swimwear is a ‘less is more’ attitude, meaning we’re always aiming for the tiniest tanlines possible! (Any lover of the Caged Thong or V Knot will vouch for that!) However for this collection, we thought of the beach babes who feel that sometimes, only ‘more is more’. For Moonlight Mele, we reimagined our favorite styles with a little extra something – extra coverage.


Look familiar? We couldn’t resist bringing back the knotted detailing of the High Neck Interlace top (one of our signature styles) but for the Knotted Strap Brief bottoms, we kept comfort and coverage on our minds and were a little more generous with the fabric.


Why is it such a struggle to find a ‘kini that is a showstopper but also gives your buns a little break from the sun? The search ends here with the new Bow Back Brief. Call us classic but we’re head over heels for White.  


Lush greens and cloudy weather match the collection’s moodier colorways such as Moonlight. Don’t get us wrong, we love sun kisses and tan lines but sometimes, a beach babe needs a little time to cool off in the shade.


The Sienna colorway first graced us with its presence in the Ilha de Coco collection and has been turning heads ever since! As an ode to those ethereal seaside sunsets, bringing it back was a no-brainer.


We’re all about true blues, which is why we’re so stoked about the new Azure colorway! Can we take a second to rave about the way it makes our model’s eyes pop? Blue-eyed babes, this is YOUR color!


The ocean is a girl’s best friend but let’s be honest: when it comes to water sports or choppier days at sea, it can be a battle to keep the waves from stealing your ‘kini. (When we say we love ‘minimal coverage’, we definitely don’t mean THAT minimal!) One final plus about the Moonlight Mele collection? Whether you’re dazed on shore or shredding some waves, these pieces are here to stay! Explore the Moonlight Mele collection, available exclusively online.


Photographer: @jessicasulls
MUA: @mua.manda
Model: @audprater 


Meet our Mind Bali Soul Muse: Charlotte D’Alessio

Meet the third muse in our ‘Meet our Mind Bali Soul’ series, Charlotte D’Alessio! With just one look, Charlotte, just 18 years old, won us over with her bronzed beauty and piercing green eyes. We knew right away she would embody every bit of our Mind Bali Soul collection and be a perfect muse.

This shoot was our first time working with Charlotte, and it was one of our favorites for a few reasons!

Now… a shoot with a green eyed babe and bikinis wouldn’t be the same without a corgi puppy. We invited Miss Chibi to join the mix. Emily Wang is the master mind behind Chibi’s photogenic talents and not to mention that she gets to cuddle her up every day!

Talking about bedroom goals… Charlotte’s  white, dreamy bedroom was just the perfect location to capture her and the Mind Bali Soul collection.

SL: We love the beachy-boho vibes that your room has… The second we saw it on Instagram we knew it would be the absolute perfect location. I’m sure it was the perfect ‘I  just rolled out of bed morning.’ Where did you get your decor inspo?

Charlotte: I got most of my inspo from my dad. He has really good style when it comes to home decor. All I said was all white- and he took over and made it what it is.

And action! Wait till you see how Chibi owns the camera.

NEDIT_4998-1-2Shop the Ginger Braided Hipster Strap

SLB: This shoot we are doing something a little different, shooting with a Corgi! Did you feel like he was trying to take the spotlight? I mean, Cheebs knows how to work the camera! 

Charlotte: LOL.  Chibi was really fun to work with, especially because if he was doing his thing you knew the photo was going to be really good. However, if he wasn’t paying attention it took a little longer to get the shot, but i think deep down inside he was just trying to be cute and sassy, he knew that we had to wait for the perfect moment to get the shots! And lets not forget that for us to get the shots, it would cost Emily a few dog treats.

NEDIT-IMG_4941-1IMG_7933-1Shop the Rose Quartz Sport Brief

SLB: You said you’re a makeup guru, do you have any special tricks or tips? Your bronzed glow is always on fleek. 

Charlotte: I’m actually so bad at doing makeup. I just love playing with it. But, I think less it always more. Don’t cover your face with makeup. I think the trend recently is to kinda change your face using contour and things like that. But, to just stick to your color, skin texture and shape is always the prettiest, I think.



Shop the Chakra Crop Hipster

SLB: As a Beverly Hills local, what are some of your favorite spots and favorite things to do in the area?

Charlotte: Go to Go Greek and get plain tart. It’s seriously my favorite thing on the planet.  Go get it now.

SLB: Everyone has one… What’s your guilty pleasure?

Charlotte: I think playing card games and board games. If it’s ever offered I’m there. Haha.


Shop the Mandala Cross Back MonokiniNEDIT-IMG_6747-1Shop the Pura Desa Interlace Monokini


SLB: From our Mind Bali Soul collection, what is your favorite style?

Charlotte: I really like any of the cheeky bottoms. I think the San Lorenzo Bikini’s bottoms make your bum look so good!

SLB: Lastly, what is one thing you would like our readers to know?

Charlotte: Hmm, probably that this was one of my favorite shoots because not only did I get to play with the cutest little dog, but I also got to shoot in my own bedroom. So a big thank you to San Lorenzo Bikini’s for providing that! ❤


Shop the Serpent High Neck Interlace

Mahalo and much love to our team:

Muse: Charlotte D’Alessio

Puppy and his sweet owner: Chibi and Emily Wang 

Photographer: Casey Liu

MUA: Daniele Pierson

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2017 Collections at SwimMiami - Front Row

Miami Swim Week 2016: Le Romantique

And just like that, Miami Swim Week 2016 is wrapped! This year we debuted our newest collection Le Romantique. Our ambition was to create a powerful experience, a fantasy of infinite travel with french infusion. Envision a girl with a free soul embarking on her travels through Europe and her craving for wanderlust is what drives her passion. Weren’t able to make it? No problem. Keep reading to feel like you were sitting front row at our show & sipping drinks from coconuts at our cocktail party.

We want you all to be able to experience the aloha we felt at this show. You can expect to feel the translated passion from the artisans that handmade each and every ‘kini in the collection. Le Romantique is an ode to the creative spirit. Needless to say, our SL babes absolutely rocked these looks on the runway.

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2017 Collections at SwimMiami - Runway

Everything was carefully selected starting with the french infused music by DJ Godiva that the models walked the runway to. As the show continued, pictures of places from around the world from the owner, Lisseth Figueroa, covered the walls giving the audience a taste of her thirst for wanderlust. Each look was accessorized by Child of Wild jewelry along with head wraps that match our collections prints. Red roses lined the runway causing the audience fall in love with this collection.

The night started out with a magical set up of bright lights around a pool lined with a banana leaf wall. Did someone say Instagram heaven?! We were serving guests yummy drinks in coconuts given to us by COCO & Co mixed with Vita Coco to keep our VIPs hydrated. Miami decided to cool us down with  little bit of rain before our show, but that didn’t stop us.


San Lorenzo Bikinis 2017 Collections at SwimMiami - Front RowAs the VIP’s took their seats in the front row, they were greeted by MeHawaii bags filled with goodies like Child of Wild anklets, Maui Babe product, Laundry Room shirts, SL Nail Wraps, SL beach towels & SL notebooks to document all wanderlust inspo from our show.


San Lorenzo Bikinis 2017 Collections at SwimMiami - Front Row

As the guests filed in, we made sure to snap some shots of our SL babes…


Gabby Epstein


Cait Barker


Becca Tilley


Bree Kleintop


Gypsyone Blogger, Jenah Yamamoto

Lights, Camera, Cue Music & ACTION! And with that, our show was in full swing. Major babe, Anne De Paula opened our show in a brand new never before seen style, Plunge Monokini in Savanna. Did someone say fuego?


You know we’ve got your back, we kept some of your favorite styles around! Celeste Bright rocked our Braided Hipster Strap in Flamenco down the runway.


Marcela Braga looked exotic in the never before seen Braided V Knot in Aloalo.


Our sweet girl Julia Friedman in the Ruffle Thong in Paradis.

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2017 Collections at SwimMiami - Runway

As much as our guests were having fun in the front of the house, backstage was also quite the party! With makeup touch ups from Beauty for Real our girls were dancing the night away to the beat of the music.



Closing the show with love, our SLB owner and designer, Lisseth Figueroa and her daughter, Anabel walked to end the night.


We hope you were able to feel the aloha vibes and live vicariously through us! Hope to see you next year in Miami!

Want to see the full show? Check it out here:

YouTube Preview Image

Wishing you were able to score a VIP bag? We are having a gift bag giveaway! See below.



Mommy and Me Tahitian Bliss

Sending lots of love and appreciation to Mother Nature this Mother’s Day for our deep blue waters, our tall mountains and everything in between! Constantly sending thanks for bearing and protecting our beautiful Earth.


Shop the Sport Brief

We had one of our very own mommies, Ashley L from our corporate team shared a Q&A with us following her recent Tahitian adventure with her husband and 10 month old daughter, Liv Hi’leihali’aaloha. The family explored exotic, French Polynesian waters and sandy beaches in their matching SLB during their tropical getaway.

What are you favorite San Lorenzo styles?

It is obvious that when becoming a mommy, your body completely changes. I can still wear the SL styles that I love that continues to make me feel beautiful and confident in my own skin. I’d like to say that San Lorenzo has many “mommy-friendly” kinis in their collections, my favorites including the Sport Brief and the High Neck Interlace. They make me feel cute and I’m able to run around comfortably with my little girl in and out of the water.


Shop the Pantanal High Neck Interlace

How did Liv enjoy the crystal waters of Tahiti?

Liv absolutely loves the water. She has been going to the beach since the womb. Sitting with her on the shore and tide pools at home has really helped her get comfortable near the water. Now, she runs in and out and on the shoreline all by herself. She really enjoyed our canoe rides in the lagoon and floating around in her floatie while we snorkeled next to her.



Shop Bow Back Brief (mommy) & Hipster (baby)

How did you get your daughter to hold her breath under water?

Her grandpa once told us that blowing into her face would cause her to close her eyes and mouth. Just before putting her under water, I whispered in Liv’s ear and told her she was going to go under the water and to hold her breath when Daddy blew in her face. It worked…sort of! She cried a couple times after coming up and wiping the salt water out of her eyes but otherwise was just  amazed at what had just happened and wanted to do it over and over again. She’s a natural now! At this point, I think she would rather be in water than on land. She has always been surrounded by water, which has led to her wandering curiosity towards it.



Shop the Ruffle Brief (baby)

Where can we get the Keiki San Lorenzo bikinis?

These are available online and at selected stores. I just grabbed all of my bikinis and searched through each stores inventory to find ones that matched mine. I was happy we were able to find so many cute ones I had to narrow down my selections.


Shop the Garder (baby)

What is your next adventure with San Lorenzo Bikinis?

Definitely Santorini and the other Greek islands! Until then, we will continue to explore the beautiful Hawaiian Islands that we are fortunate to call home.



Meet Rocky Barnes, The Bikini It – Girl

Rachel “Rocky” Barnes; a household name to bikini lovers, fashionistas and bloggers across the globe. We were lucky enough to call her a muse and model for our Fall 2015 Collection Vintage Aloha. Whether she’s dazzling us with her stunning photos, hosting a meet & greet for fans at our store, or sharing her travel adventures with us, we will never stop being in ah of her talent and charisma. After our fall shoot we got the chance to ask Rocky a few questions about modeling, life outside of work  and how she got her famous nickname 🙂

In between shots I heard you mention that you love modeling because you get to tell a story through the photographs. What kind of story were you telling as you modeled for our VINTAGE ALOHA collection?

 Rocky: I grew up going to Hawaii every summer as a kid… I felt like the classic aloha style is something I connect with… Was working with Derren to put together a narrative about a classic day at Waikiki… Similar to something in the days of giget and moondoggie.


We know you shoot with our photographer muse Derren Versoza frequently. We love how he captures natural beauty in all of his photographs. What do you admire most about his photography?
Rocky: I love how Derren is so fun to be around, he makes you feel so comfortable and when you are having fun, you get the best photos!
Derren brought along his sidekick/videographer/music artist Leo Cabal for the shoot. It was so fun listening to him play music throughout the day. What music gets you into the zone before a shoot?
Rocky: I am a sucker for dance music. Anything with a good beat that makes you want to move!
We had the pleasure of doing hair and makeup at your house, and we fell in love with how you’ve decorated it. What was your inspiration behind the vibe of your home?
Rocky: I call my place tribal beach. I love a simple white pallet with pops of color from different pieces I’ve collected.
 You’ve grown so much this year, especially after starting your blog. It’s been inspiring to watch you grow. How do you manage being so successful while still being so down to earth and true to yourself?
Rocky: I think it’s important to keep people around you that love you and want the best for you! If I ever start to get a big head, I’m sure my mom will be the first to let me know:)
Last but not least, we’re sure we aren’t the only ones dying to know! Sooo…how did you get the nickname Rocky?
Rocky: It was actually my moms nickname for me… It eventually caught on an now everyone calls me rocky 🙂
Photos by Derren Versoza

Meet Sjana Elise, Australia’s Ray of Sunshine

Have you ever met someone in your life that their energy is so magnetizing that you just can’t help to feed off their happy vibes? Well, that is exactly how we felt when we met Sjana! The more we read about her, the more we felt a connection with Sjana. Plus, you all know we love those true to self babes, what she portrays and how inspiring she is to girls around the world is truly admirable. We were so fortunate to catch her during her short trip to Hawaii. With a 24 hour notice, we rushed to gather our team together and produce the stunning shots with Sjana. 

You recently just took your first trip to Hawaii, did you fall in love with the island? 

Sjana: Absolutely! I knew even before I got there that I would have an instant connection.. Hawaii has been on my travel-bucketlist since before I can even remember!



 We read on your Instagram post about your love for Hawaii, and how when you first got there you felt right at home and so connected to the island. What made Hawaii so special to you?
Sjana: It sounds silly when I try explain it, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Hawaii.. I’m very much a beach loving girl, so any kind of salty, sandy, sunny or surfy location is generally right up my alley! However, for whatever reason, Hawaii has always felt more than that to me.. Although i’d only ever seen it in pictures or movies before, I felt some kind of overwhelming and indescribable megnetism towards it; almost like i’d been there before and felt homesick for it. AND It is definitely my no.1 place to settle down eventually (other than Australia of course!). And not to mention that my parents had their honeymoon in Hawaii.. They’re still together and all loved up after 25 years so that means something special to me too 🙂
You looked like an absolute goddess during our Vintage Aloha photoshoot. How do you channel your inner confidence and bring it out in front of the camera?
Laugh!! I honestly believe that being able to laugh at ourselves is one of the most important things we can learn! Not only does it reduce stress, increase happiness and create a delightful aura for others to be around.. But it will give anyone added confidence! A smile is so much more powerful than we know – not only for our selves, but for others too!
And it always helps wearing something that you feel good in – which for me is a cute and cheeky kini!!
We know you are a SL girl at heart. We’ve seen you wearing our itty bitty bikinis in your travels around the world. So we have to ask… what is your favorite bikini from our Vintage Aloha collection? 
Sjana: I have to choose only 1?! Aghhh they’re all too cute and comfortable though!!
Because i’m an active girl and I’m always rolling around in the sand, jumping in the water or getting my yoga on in the sunshine, I prefer bikinis that are not only fun and flirty, but is also a good/comfortable cut and a little cheeky – so for me, the signature Bow Back Brief bikini is PERFECT, as it has slim straps (to avoid unwanted tan lines), the top is adjustable so I can ensure it stays on in the surf (and it has flirtacious frills!) and the bottoms are the perfect cut for tanning, comfort and security – the cheeky bum makes them stay on better in the surf, so these ones are also my favourite to bodysurf/surf/jetski in without fearing they’ll drop off haha!
As for the colour – I can’t choose!! They’re all bright and happy which is all I could ask for! I’m definitely digging the Maía colour in this collection though!
We can always count on you to open our hearts and minds to what the world has to offer us. What inspiration did Hawaii leave you with?
Hawaii left me inspiration for the future. I only had the pleasure of experiencing Hawaii for a very quick trip, and only a very small part of it! It exceeded the expectations I had already conceived in my mind, and the little taste of the sweet, salty and beautiful island I had, has made me want to return (over and over again), explore ALL of the islands, and soak as much of the care-free lifestyle as I possibly can!
It’s also ignited a deep desire to live there one day! Or at least have a small shack there I can retreat to often! Unfortunately, Hawaii is almost impossible to legally move to unless you are a US citizen.. So i’ll have to work on that one!
There is just so much about Hawaii that I love and that resonates with me! It’s as if my soul finds the most comfort there amongst the palm trees, sunshine, ocean, sand, hikes, waterfalls, incredible views, loving people, healthy food, abundance of fresh fruit and vegies and the slowed-down, humble version of life it allows.
Sjana’s favorite VINTAGE ALOHA picks:
Photography by Samantha Feyen

Meet Leila Thomas, our Muse for our VINTAGE ALOHA Collection

Not sure if its the way that she swings her hips or that super exotic fire she has in her eyes, or maybe both, but we love some Leila Thomas. We couldn’t get enough since we last shot for our LA BOHEME collection, so we had to bring her again and grace our VINTAGE ALOHA collection with everything that makes her beautiful self.  After a wild week for Swim Miami, we spent our last day exploring around the beaches of south Miami as we channel our island roots in this palm paradise.
You’re originally an island gal from the North Shore of Oahu. How do you stay grounded and remember the Aloha way of living while traveling around the world?
Leila: I think the Aloha way of living is a certain mindset. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the islands or on the road, you can choose to see the world with Aloha no matter where you are.
You rarely wear makeup in your photos, but who needs it when your skin is as flawless as yours. What are your best skin secrets?
Leila: Haha! I just literally laughed out loud because I have zit cream on now. You’re right, I don’t like wearing makeup. My makeup philosophy is; if I wouldn’t eat it, I don’t want it. Your skin absorbs everything. I breakout from makeup so when I’m not working I try to use nothing but coconut oil on my body and jojoba oil on my face. And when I’m breaking out (like right now) I eat extra-clean and use Bario Badescu drying lotion.
During Miami Fashion Week you shot with Derren Versoza for VINTAGE ALOHA. What was your favorite part about shooting in Miami? And what is your favorite thing about wearing the VINTAGE ALOHA Collection?
Leila: Derren Versoza is wonderful. I could be shooting with him in a airport restroom and can guarantee we would still have a great time. He makes you feel comfortable and lets you let loose, which is when you get gold. Miami is hot and sticky especially in July, so my favorite part is always when it’s time for the water shots. The collection itself brings me back to home. The prints and colors totally remind me of that old time surf chick Gidget.
Your style is the perfect blend of island girl meets LA, where do you get your inspiration from?
I pull inspiration from every where. My photo library is all screen shots of cool images. But it’s easy to get pulled into what everyone else is wearing. Best thing is to just see something that catches your eye and ask yourself, do I like this? So many times I’ve caught myself trying to dress to impress and that’s the silliest thing you can do. Sexy is comfort and confidence.
We love your energy, every time we see you you’re always glowing. What’s a daily mantra that helps keep you positive and happy?
Leila: There’s no time to waste being unhappy. Even the most impossibly hard moments this world and life is still so mind-bogglingly beautiful. I don’t have a daily mantra but I think it’s important to constantly evaluate yourself and question if you are happy with yourself and what you’re doing. If the answer is No, then something needs changing. Hopefully it’s Yes that means you’re probably “glowing” too.
Our first shoot with you, you shot for our LA BOHEME collection last year, remember? Now that you’ve shot in LA BOHEME and VINTAGE ALOHA, we have to ask, which collection is your favorite and why?
Leila: Dang, both are killer. Honestly every girl needs a little bit of both. Everyone has that La Boheme travel gypsy in her as well as that Aloha love. I’ll pack La Boheme in my travel bag and keep the Vintage Aloha for when I’m romping around the island. Which will be next week… I’m coming home!!!! X
Photography by the one and only Derren Versoza
San Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMI

Miami Swim Week ’15

And just like that our first solo show at Miami Swim Week is over! Our collection MIND BALI SOUL  was a stand out on the catwalk. Inspired by everything Balinese, the luscious fabrics, unique models, and fresh flowers made our vision come to life. For the next half hour the audience was transported out of Miami and onto the islands of Indonesia. Now we know all our SL babes couldn’t be in Miami, so we want to take you back in time to re-experience this magical moment with us.

We are still obsessing over the opening moment of the show– a vision of sunset and silhouette, the models moved like naturals dancing to traditional Balinese music.

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMI

As soon as the music ended it was time for the runway show to begin. One of our favorite moments from the night was the opening look, a vision of  our new strappy V-Knot bottoms and an intricately carved skull (courtesy of Child of Wild) adorned with traditional flowers. In the Balinese culture, the skull symbolizes gratitude and abundance. Each look on the runway was inspired from various traditions of Bali and designed to honor the mystical and humble ways of the Balinese culture .  As the models started to walk down the runway, we were reminded to graciously embrace the spiritual journey that Bali and this collection represents.

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMI

Throughout the show our SL babe models strutted down the catwalk showing off the silky smooth fabrics, organic prints, rich colors, and intricate designs. Even their hair was filled with flowers that are considered special offerings among the people. Each look was thoughtfully created, and brought in the elements and nature of Bali.

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMI

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMI

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMI

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMI

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMI

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMISan Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMISan Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMISan Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMISan Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMISan Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMISan Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMISan Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMISan Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMISan Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMI

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMISan Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMISan Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMI

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMI

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMI

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMI

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMISan Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMI

As we watched the last of the 30 beautiful looks come down the runway, the Jack U and Justin Bieber’s “Take U There” song started to play, and the models reappeared dancing and having fun as they said their goodbye’s as the show came to a close. Our girls killed it, and we felt honored to represent such a magical place that holds so much culture and inspiration in our 2016 collection.

San Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMISan Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMISan Lorenzo Bikinis 2016 Collection At SWIMMIAMI

We want to give a huge thanks to Concept Flowers Miami for the beautiful flowers, to Child of Wild for the gorgeous jewels and to our stunning models that brought their own shine to our runway. Not to mention our VIP gifting sponsor’s Heather Brown Art,  Aloha Powder, Bikini Cleanse, Frank Body, Hello Hair, Looq 2 Selfie Stick, Maui Babe, Nectar Eyewear, Pandeia and Voluspa. And of course the Balinese culture for inspiring our collection. Without them our show would not have been complete.

Wanna win a VIP 2016 Fashion Show bag? Follow the instructions below:

1. Repost your favorite bikini from the “Mind. Bali. Soul” collection. Repost one of our pictures from our blow or our Instagram.

2. Follow and tag @sanlorenzo_bikinis on Instagram & hashtag #SLSwimMiami

The winner will be announced on Saturday, August 1st. GOOD LUCK! 

Miami Giveaway (Facebook)



Keeping Up with Bree Kleeintop

She’s a professional surfer, model, bikini lover, one of our new favorite girls to shoot, and she always seems to inspire us in one way or another. Can you guess who we’re talking about? If you guessed Bree Kleintop, you’ve got it! We wanted our SL girls to get a chance to know the gorgeous blonde bombshell, so Bree sat down with us to talk about her experience living in different places, how she keeps her amazing bikini-ready body, and of course to give us a few words of inspiration.
 YouTube Preview Image
Hi Bree! Thanks for joining us. Tell us a bit about yourself. 
B: I’m originally from the East Coast, now residing on the West Coast in the cool little town of San Clemente. I was a competitive surfer when I was younger, which gave me amazing opportunities to travel the world and shoot campaigns with my sponsors. As I’ve gotten older I’ve been lucky to be able to transition into a lifestyle / free surfer. I also signed with a few Modeling Agencies and get to work with amazing clients like San Lorenzo! I love to travel, dive into new experiences and do things that put a smile on my face… Laughter is key!
Living in SoCal and being in Hawaii all the time, you know all the ins & outs of both places. What is your favorite part about Hawaii and California?
B: Hawaii is such a beautiful magical place…Every morning I wake up to the sound of the waves crashing and I can jump right out of bed and hop into the warm water for a fun surf. I love going for runs along the bike path, and grabbing my fav lunch at Pupukea Grill, so yummy. You wear bikinis everywhere and there’s not really a care in the world or any stress, you’re just happy living the life. California on the other hand is much faster paced but so many more opportunities. There’s always a new place to explore or some fun event going on in LA. It’s good to have the juxtaposition between the two…they are total opposites but both inspiring and good for the soul in different ways!
When you’re not surfing or looking pretty in pictures, what do you enjoy doing?
B: When I’m not working or in the water, you’ll usually find me outdoors doing something with friends, reading a good book, cooking a yummy meal or messing around on my guitar. Filming surfing and cool lifestyle pieces is also a passion of mine. I have an amazing boyfriend who always keeps me laughing, goofing around and up to something fun!
Surfing, modeling, traveling the world and your personal life, it all sounds so exciting! How do you keep a balance of it all?
B: I have some really great people who manage my schedule and keep me straight! But for sure there are days that I have to push myself to fit it all in and making sure I take time to do something for myself helps keep everything in perspective, even if it’s just a redbox & froyo
We know you love sweets (ehemm.. snacking on some Cinnabon before shooting last December!) How do you keep your body bikini ready all year round?
B: Haha I love to cook for my boyfriend & friends! Of course I had to have some sort of goodie for you guys to start the shoot right. It’s important to splurge every once in while and enjoy life. I just make sure to go to an extra spin or barre class, which I’m addicted to lately! But I listen to my body and give it what it wants, I just try not to overindulge and always being outside getting active is the name of the game!
Do you have a favorite bikini from the La Boheme collection? 
B: I have many! But I have a lil extra love right now for the Braided Thong…the Ruby Red color pops & makes me summertime happy!
Okay, last but not least. Can you share some words of inspiration for our loyal SL babes?
B: The trick is to enjoy life! Don’t wish away your days waiting for better ones ahead. One of my favorite quotes that always rings true is…’And above all…watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you. Because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic…will never find it.’
Thanks Bree for the interview! We love to watch you do your thing. Your positivity and great attitude towards life inspires us here at SL. You are truly beautiful, inside and out. See you at the beach!



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Summer is so close you can almost taste it. The weather is warming up, the water is turning crystal clear blue, and the whole island of Hawaii is radiating the positive energy this season naturally brings. To top it off, we just launched our pre-summer collection BAHIA. Even if you are far from a tropical paradise, I promise that slipping into one of these bikinis will make you feel like you’re in one. For our first BAHIA photo shoots, we stayed close to the place we call home “Oahu, Hawaii” and teamed up with our SL Babes Amber Mozo, Malia Murphey, and our newest brand ambassador Dakota. If these behind the scenes film photos of our photo shoots don’t scream “it’s almost summer!” we don’t know what does.


Dakota is the newest addition to the SL Team! She’s a natural beach babe, who lives part time in California and part time in Arizona. She was here in Hawaii for a few days so Amber picked her up and drove her around North Shore. As they explored, she stopped at one of her favorite local places to shoot along the way. A secret Lagoon which is the perfect mix of beach and forest. Want a clue on how to get there? There’s a fruit stand across the street, that’s where she got this fresh and delicious coconut!

IMG_4817Shop the BAHIA Brasillia & White Thong Brief

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Malia and Amber have grown up together on the North Shore. And the day of this shoot was not a day out of the ordinary for them. They live at the beach, and spend the majority of their time taking photos in bikinis. When they’re not surfing baby waves at Pipeline of course. No planning. No complicated props. Just Malia, a Bahia Bikini, her glass water bottle, Waimea Bay, and Amber with a camera. This simple combination and you have photo shoot magic. It was a beautiful day at the bay and after Amber got inspired to take these photos of Malia cooling off on a hot summer day.

IMG_4830 IMG_5044 IMG_6143 IMG_7135 (1)Shop the BAHIA Arara Azul & Neon High Waisted Hipster Strap

Happy Almost Summer San Lorenzo babes!