SL x Amber Mozo ➳ [pt 3]

Happy Aloha Saturday! We couldnt wait to share the 3rd look at SL x Amber Mozo. We hope you can make it to the beach this weekend, but if not at least take a moment to relax and enjoy your day.


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Bow backs : [M i d n i g h t  d a t e] [M a g i c  m i n t]

High waist twist : [F l o r a l   P a r a d i s e]

Mahalo again to the amazing photographer Amber Mozo & model Jenna Fettig

@AmberMozo + @JennaFettig + @SanLorenzo_Bikinis

SL x Amber Mozo ☼ [part 2]

We are back with part two of SL x Amber Mozo ♡ Take a peek at our NEW Winte prints that are now available at SL Pucks Alley and soon available online!

Hope all you mermaids are getting ready for some weekend sunshine in some SL kinis like these besties!IMG_3662IMG_3725IMG_3836IMG_3686IMG_3719IMG_3829IMG_4052IMG_3903IMG_3998IMG_3973

Photography : Amber Mozo

Bikinis ➵

Hipster Strap [Picasso Ocean Moonlight] COMING SOON

Hipster Strap [Daklah] COMING SOON

High Waist Twist [Floral Paradise] COMING SOON


⋆ San Lorenzo x Amber Mozo ⋆ [part one]

Craving the ocean, feeling those beach vibes and dreaming of Hawaii? Then we got the perfect treat for you; a place where the bright sun beats down onto our sea-salty hair, waves crashing refreshingly at the tips of our toes. Let go & come away with us!

We are so stoked to share with you the latest pictures from the greatest Amber Mozo ♡ Not only is she an amazing photographer + artist, but she is a beautiful person inside and out.

Enjoy part one of three amazing posts!


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[Style] Sports Brief // [Print]Aquatic mist plaid

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Photographer: Amber Mozo Instagram: @AmberMozo

Model: @monzbroandmaxhan

xoxo – The San Lorenzo Bikinis Team


A New Years resolution (& a reward) ♡

2014Happy 2014! Cheers to a year of great possibilities, to taking chances, to live life to the fullest and unforgettable adventures. The best is yet to come, time to start fresh!

With all the resolutions piling up it’s easy to forget a very important person, you! Love everything about yourself and embrace that inner goddess. The biggest rule to make the best out of your new year’s resolution is that you can’t put it off! Don’t wait until you have the perfect list, just do them as they come!

Meditate, say thanks for your daily happenings, think positive, swim in the ocean, get some vitamin D as much as possible, be a good friend & smile! Take time to know yourself just a little better each day and most importantly love who you see in the mirror every day! 

What is your new year resolution? Whatever it is, make sure it makes YOU happy & work on it, starting today! Sign your resolution promise to love yourself and be the best you there is and receive a special surprise at checkout when you bring it in.

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