There’s no place like home ♡ Happy Earth Day

“The sea, once it casts it’s spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”
We often take the ocean for granted. We forget the affect it has on our lives, and the pull it has on our hearts. We forget that it is the tides that shift our feelings, the salty air that puts us at ease, and the sound of waves that lull us into a deeper state of peace. The ocean offers us a place to escape to. A place without worries, where time is not kept track of and materialistic things do not exist. The ocean is raw, un-retouched, and messy. We can relate to the ocean, the way it changes constantly, sometimes raging and storming, other times peaceful and calm. Take a moment today to be thankful for all the ocean gives to us, and the spell it casts.
~ Happy Earth Day ~

Today is your day ♡

Every morning that we wake up, life gives us a brand new day. A new day with no mistakes, no worries, no expectations, and no promises. It’s a clean slate, a chance to start over. How beautiful it is that life is constantly giving us second chances. That no matter how bad yesterday was….today is not yesterday, today is new. Today we start over. Today we wake up with new eyes, and a new hunger for life. Embrace this day. Live it as if you had chosen it for yourself. You are an artist, today is a blank canvas. Make it a masterpiece. Happy Monday!

San Lorenzo Bikinis x Me Hawaii Collab ♡

We met the girls from Me Hawaii a few months ago, we were so immediately inspired by their gypsy vibes and their love for making pretty things!

The raddest part about these water-proof colorful bags is that are inspired by our I Dream of Eden prints! If you look closely at each pouch, you will see that our prints are hand-drawn and printed on the pouches! What?! Yes! Now you can match your favorite I Dream of Eden bikini with a perfectly matched pouch.

If you are a tropical kind of babe, then you may want to also get our 100% silk limited edition Kimonos. Pre-order now, delivery date is for the end of this month! So hurry, these kimonos will only be available for a limited time!

10% OFF Secret Code: MEHAWAII

Made with love ♡ SLB x Me Hawaii


Sunburst Two Strap Thong | Mystical Leopard Belt Thong  | Electric Galaxy GarderIMG_2732

Pink Malibu Kimono + Mermaid Kit PouchIMG_2506Aloha PouchIMG_1322 2EDITMystical Leopard Sport Brief + Bikini Lines Pouch
IMG_1447EDITElectric Galaxy Two Strap Thong + Life’s a Beach Pouch
IMG_1627EDITShop the SLB x Me Hawaii Kimonos here 
SLB_EVENING (6 of 34)

Shop the SLB x Me Hawaii Pouches here


The I Dream of Eden Pt. 2 is finally here! And for a little bit of a spin, we decided to run wild in Venice Beach.

How did we do it? Well, we found a super hot Russian goddess and instantly decided that we had to get lose & shoot our I Dream of Eden Collection, including our never before seen new styles as well! 3 new styles, 6 beautiful prints and 6 solids to match ’em – now available in stores & online.

We were so thrilled to be able to escape from Hawai’i for a bit and shoot some LA style pictures, edgy & a bit rebellious! We can safely say that Yara & our itty-bitty bikinis were turing heads on Venice beach left & right!

Ready to get wet & rebellious?


AP5T8770EDITBohemian Stain Glass Thong Belt 

AP5T8693Electric Galaxy Braided Thong > Now available in stores, soon available online1Lime & Splash Galaxy Braided Hipster Strap

AP5T8365EDITKona Lillie Scrunch Thin Brief > Now available in stores, soon available online

AP5T8321EDITAP5T8245Electric Galaxy Thong BeltAP5T8256EDITAP5T8308EDITSplash Galaxy Braided Hipster Strap2Hibiscus Jungle & Peach Sport BriefAP5T8082EDITShore Break Sunset Hipster StrapAP5T7986Mystical Leopard GarderAP5T7737EDITShore Break Sunset Thong BeltAP5T8978EDITLime Bow Back Brief

Now you can go cool off! XO

Photography: Clint Eastwood

Video by: Armin Razmy

Model: Yara

Coachella outfit essentials styled by the Barker sisters ☮

Cait & Shannon Barker visited our store in Fashion Island & picked their outfits mixing their favorite bikinis from the I Dream of Eden Collection & favorite statement pieces for their Coachella getaway this weekend!

For all those free spirited souls, don’t forget dance your heart out with eyes closed, turn strangers into friends, feed your heart with good music & feel the good vibes all around!

Meet the Barker sisters this weekend at Coachella, they will be giving  away the raddest SL swag all weekend long! Share with us your best Coachella pictures for a chance to win a bikini of your choice from the I Dream of Eden Collection! #SLCOACHELLALOVIN

Video location: San Lorenzo Bikinis Fashion Island

☽❀ Getting Coachella Ready ❁☾

COACHELLA BOUND IN 2 DAYS! Cait & Shannon Barker will be representing San Lorenzo in the desert! Meet the girls, score some SL swag & enter for a chance to win a bikini of your choice from the I Dream of Eden Collection by posting your best picture of your Coachella adventures, tagging @sanlorenzo_bikinis & hashtag #SLCOACHELLALOVIN.

♫ Tune in to Cait & Shannon’s own Coachella inspired playlist ♫


❀ Get inspired & make your own Flower Crown with our Fresh Flower Guide ❀



Post your best Coachella pictures, follow @sanlorenzo_bikinis & hashtag #SLCOACHELLALOVIN

△ W a n d e r f o u n d △

coverpage-1 page-2 page-3 page-4 page-5 page-6 page-7 page-8 page-9 page-10

 Nothing says Coachella like bikinis & fresh flowers! We loved all the fresh creations that the team at Passion Roots created. Flower hand pieces, arm cuffs, head pieces, a real flower bra, I mean we are talking not just flower crowns! What will you be rocking this weekend? Follow us on instagram @SanLorenzo_Bikinis for more SL x Coachella love.

Shop the Braided Thong here: | Shop the High Waist Twist here:

Florist: Passion Roots @PassionRoots

Model : Maggie  @Magseadaisy

Makeup: Blush Hawaii @Blushhawaii

Photography: Taryn Kealani @TarynKealani

PT 3 ♡ Beach workout with SL team rider Makani

Now with Spring Break behind us, lets really focus and get on bikini mode! How many times a week are you getting your Bikini Series Workout Series in a week? Take 20 minutes each day, get 2 reps done, 3 times a week & work towards your goal! 

sit up