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Meet Sacha Kalis: This Week’s Mermaid Inspiration

 Meet Sacha Kalis aka Bahamas girl – born on a little island in the Bahamas. There’s a list of things why Sacha & her mom, Elena Kalis inspire us so much. They bring out the beauty of the bluest blues from the Bahamas, and get the most beautiful dreamlike underwater pictures.

Sacha, tell us a bit about yourself, how did you get into underwater modeling?                                      

 I was told that I would swim before I could walk and spent more time in  the water than out, then when I was 8 my mother Elena Kalis got into photography and I became her model. I’m 16 now so that has been going on for over half my life really. Recently I have started work with other photographers and models such as Kristi Bisaria, Bobby Brown, film producer Tom Low, and modeled with/photographed with Jay Alvarrez.


So, you are our ultimate mermaid inspiration. What inspires you?                                              

I think that most of our inspiration is drawn from around us, I know mine is from the ocean and from life but my mother, she will just be doing something and then randomly jumps up saying “I have an idea!”.

photo 3Life in the Bahamas… what do you like the most about it?  

 I love living in the Bahamas, I was born and raised here and have grown up pretty much in the water. My favorite part is living by the beach and getting to go whenever I want, whether it’s modeling, tubing, wake boarding, surfing, or just having fun and hanging out with 5Tell us something that we may not know about you                                                                    

Well I have been home schooled my entire life, I have ten cats and one dog, I love to snack on dried seaweed crackers, and whenever there are waves I love surfing! 🙂

photo 2

photo 2 copy 2Any underwater modeling tips?                                                                                                      

I used to love to dance when I was younger, so the flow and the poses come relatively easily. Modeling above water is very different that modeling under, under you have to be more creative with the poses stranger and not always graceful to make them work.

photo 3 copySacha is wearing the Peach Bow Back Brief  and the Kona Lillies Fringe Thong

Follow Sacha Kalis for more about her beautiful life & her momma, photographer Elena Kalis


Embrace Yourself

In today’s society, it takes strong, conscious effort to not compare ourselves to other girls. With the daily overstimulation by means of social media (scrolling through other girls’ photos, analyzing their profiles, critiquing them in full from behind that little glass screen) it’s easy to get caught up in the notion of competition. But take a moment to ask yourself, what is it exactly that you’re competing for? And while numerous reasons may come to mind, the strongest underlying motive always seems to hold constant: the attention of men. Girls want to feel wanted. It becomes something to strive for.
In reality though, the competition only exists once you enter it; It is a choice that each and every one of us has the power to make. Embrace that. And once you do, I can promise that your energy will change. People who have learned to find comfort in their own skin have a way about them that’s infectious. People gravitate towards them, naturally.So, point being, be the woman that you were born to be and allow things to fall into place. And once you get there, spread that liberation to others. We’re all in this together.

All Access: HEAT WAVE Collection Release

In expected SL fashion we are reluctant to see summer begin to fade away. So, in honor of our endless summer state of mind, we are thrilled to release the HEAT WAVE Collection today!  We want you each to encompass the free-spirited beach babe attitude you’ve carried around these last few months and let summer linger just a bit longer.

The collection consists of 6 new styles, each with multiple prints, and made of some of the softest materials we’ve had yet! You will literally never want to take some of these off, and hey we won’t judge you!

Ilhadecoco-4510-EditHavana Daisies Scrunchy StringIlhadecoco-4905EDITPrimrose Multi StringIlhadecoco-5345-EditAmazon Pastel Scrunch Thin BriefIlhadecoco-6837-EditAmazon Sunrise Scrunch StringIlhadecoco-5601-Edit-EditMiami Blur Loop Strap

Ilhadecoco-6424EDITPrism Heat Scrunch Thin BriefIlhadecoco-5266EDITPython Scrunch StringIlhadecoco-6290EDITLeft: Majestic Lush Boy Short   Right: Wanderlust Multi String

BY+MS_HEATWAVE_01Ilhadecoco-6677-EditSahara Blaze Boy ShortBY_HEATWAVE_04Indo Breeze Boy ShortIlhadecoco-6883-EditFloral Kaledoiscope 7 Strap 7S_HEATWAVE_05Mermaid Scales 7 StrapLS_HEATWAVE_01Heat Wave Loop Strap

But wait, there’s more! Check our limited edition WEB EXCLUSIVES:

Sizes and quantities are very limited so get yours fast either online or at the following stores: Ala Moana & Haleiwa on Oahu, Pa’ia on Maui, and Newport Beach in California. If you follow their individual Instagram or Facebook pages you can get up-to-date info on which styles and prints they may have!


Our team at San Lorenzo Bikinis wants to personally thank The Modern Honolulu for graciously hosting us. We couldn’t imagine shooting this collection anywhere else! Babes, check them out for a little vacation planning or if you need somewhere to celebrate a special occasion – – The Modern Honolulu will not disappoint on so many levels, their grounds brought the heat to our HEAT WAVE Collection!

Also, special thanks to our star photographer Daniela Voicescu (@danielav), our muses for the day Lilly K. (@_lilikoi) and Paige J. (@paaaiggee) & our fab make up artist Bailee (@baileenakaahiki)

Adventure on merbabes and let the nostalgia of summer run through your veins because SL is forecasting a major HEAT WAVE!



The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 Extra has hit news stands! We are delighted to see all the never-before-seen photos from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 50th Anniversary edition. And best of all, we are thrilled to see our favorite babe Nina Agdal wearing our Reversible Thong on the COVER & our all time favorite Bow Back Brief in the inside spread!

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 Extra Cover San Lorenzo

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 Extra San Lorenzo complete

Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal