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RECAP: Let Summer Linger Beach Party

We want to thank each and every one of you babes (and beaus) who made it out to the North Shore last Saturday for our Let Summer Linger Beach Party! The turnout was amazing, you guys rock!

A HUGE THANK YOU to our amazing partners in this endeavor: Da Fin HI, The Laroa Artflow Foundation, Kumafly Productions, and Waiola Coconut Water. Your contributions to this event put the simmer in this end-of-summer party!

From the Slip + Slide contest to the colorful live-art installation, that will be auctioned off to raise money for Groove Child Charities, you babes got down and dirty — for a cause!


To learn more about the artwork created at our Let Summer Linger Beach Party, visit

On another note, we were saddened to hear that following our Beach Party was a massive mess. As this was our first beach event, we are much more conscious about steps to take to ensure this never happens again. San Lorenzo takes pride in being a company of Hawai’i and taking care of our home has always been a priority as we have partnered with Sustainable Coastlines in the past and will ensure to work with them again in the future!

We humbly thank those who brought this issue to our attention and the gracious souls that cleaned Ke Iki beach last weekend. Let this be a reminder to us all to do our part in keeping our Hawai’i a clean Hawai’i.

IMG_3678IMG_3699IMG_9751 Photo Sep 13, 3 06 15 PMWe loved seeing all of your party pics on Instagram — haven’t shared them yet? Use the hashtags #LetSummerLinger and #SanLorenzoBikinis so we can see how much fun you had!

Photo Sep 13, 3 29 12 PMWe hope you babes will join us for all upcoming events and here’s to the memories that will get us through until next summer!


San Lorenzo Bikinis

Video by Evan Zubrod



San Lorenzo Bikinis loves summer like the stars love the moon, a fat kid loves candy, and Kanye loves himself …jk, we love Yeezus (;

We also love YOU, our loyal followers who have been with us on Oahu since the beginning! We want to give back to all of you by inviting to you to our FIRST-EVER Beach Party, Saturday September 13th. Take the dreamy journey down to North Shore and find the SL Team and our Brand Ambassadors at Ke Iki Beach from 1pm-6pm.

We have an amazing afternoon setup for you with contests and giveaways from Da Fin, Waiola Coconut Water and, of course, us!

Follow @SanLorenzo_Oahu on Instagram for updates.


Kumafly Productions will be setting up a 20ft x 100ft long Slip + Slide, Beach Volleyball and Queen-size airbed mattresses for group sliding purposes. Bring your coolest floaties and your best moves.

SL is also super excited to announce that we will be partnering with Laroa, a non-profit organization, who will be providing an interactive LIVE ART installation! The pieces created Saturday will be auctioned off later at the venue ‘The Fix’ to raise funds for the Groove Child Charities Youth Center. Visit for more info on this amazing organization.


We will also be holding a LIVE Brand Ambassador casting call for the first 3 hours of the party. Have you always wanted to join our BA team? Live the life of a mermaid and have the soul of a gypsy? Then you may be just the right fit for our SL Oahu Ambassador Team! This is a rare opportunity to meet our Team and Ambassadors and get to know what it’s all about! You can apply in 3 easy steps: Show up to the party, fill-out a short questionnaire at our tent & take a photo! From there it’s just chillin’ in the sun and sliding until your heart’s content!


Make sure to be there at 1pm because the FIRST 30 BABES to arrive with our event flyer will be receiving a special giveaway! Flyers can be found at our five Oahu locations.

Don’t forget to invite all your girlfriends, because we will also be having an OBSTACLE COURSE + SLIP ‘N’ SLIDE CONTEST at approx. 3pm – partner required – with a bomb prize package comprised of giveaways from Waiola Coconut Water, Da Fin Kicks & us of course!

All of this and so much more will be going down, so keep the nostalgia of summer running through your veins and Let Summer Linger just a bit longer this Saturday.

*Event will conclude with a Sunset Floatilla* BYOB Babes*



Exploring French Polynesia

One of our favorite photographers, Shannon Cummings & her friends went on a trip to the French Polynesia for an adventure of a lifetime. 21 days, countless hours in the crisp Polynesian ocean & great memories. We think that for you to feel what she experienced,  Shannon will have to tell you herself:

“Picture this: a palm tree or three swaying to the beat of the oceans waves. Mountains green and terrifyingly jagged. Sand so white and powdery that it makes you wonder how long it took to get that way. AND BLUE. Lots of blue. Turquoise blue. Dark blue. Light blue. I really like these blues. This is French Polynesia. This is Mo’orea. I live on Oahu and like to say I’m an expert in adventuring and going with the flow but that would be a lie. I like to plan all my adventures at least a few days in advance. There is something about the way the people live on Mo’orea. We did not plan. You move slow. It is hot so that could be why… Anyway, I did not know what was going to happen each and everyday and I loved it. My friends and I relied on the kindness of strangers. French Polynesians are extremely kind. They are so kind that they’ll go out of their way to take you to your destination if hitching a ride. We also relied on the kindness of fellow travelers. No one stole my camera equipment while staying in hostels or carelessly leaving it on the beach. We made an excellent friend who translated French for us and even saved our lives while snorkeling out to sharks – we had to worry about the killer boats and currents in this instance. My best advice for traveling to these islands is to know of a few things you’d like to do. I knew I wanted to swim with sharks and visit Teahupo’o. However, after learning from other travelers I realized that I did want to visit Rangiroa and scuba with the “Wall of Sharks,” and I did want to see Marlon Brando’s atoll called Tetiaroa. I didn’t even know this existed until talking with other travelers. I researched before my trip but there is so much information that it can be overwhelming. Talk to people while you’re here. Make friends. You’ll get a lot of great advice on what to do and what to avoid. Tag along and don’t be afraid to open up…unless you get a creepy vibe. Then of course you need to be careful and trust your gut. I was traveling with two other beautiful ladies so we had protection in numbers. Trust the advice of the islanders. It’s not like Oahu where everything is a warning for those who aren’t used swimming or hiking or being outdoors. When they say there is a strong current, there IS a strong current. When they say you need a guide for a hike, you do. This isn’t Disneyland or even Hawaii. You are going to sweat a lot. So much so that you’ll just want to go almost naked. I only wore my San Lorenzo bikini and a pareo I picked up from a street vendor and washed this every night with shampoo and hung it out to dry for the next day. I did this for almost three weeks. Gross? No. Practical. You really don’t need clothes here. It does get chilly at night though but that is my opinion. Most of the time you’re sweating. Eat poisson cru. I like to think of this as the poke of French Polynesia except that it has coconut sauce. SO ONO. Drink all their juices. Day and night. We didn’t stay in a swanky hotel but we were able to use their WiFi for free (thank you, Hilton Mo’orea)! Check out those places by walking through or going to their happy hour. If you are privileged enough to stay at one of these fine hotels, then I recommend for you to go out of your comfort zone and stay at a pension aka a hostel. You’ll meet more people that way. Traveling is about meeting people.                                                                                                                                                   Mo’orea and Tahiti, maruru roa. I’ll see you again very soon”

WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-4WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-9WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-14WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-17WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-16WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-30 WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-18WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-24WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-29WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-44 WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-42WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-40WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-43WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-38WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-31WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-20Don’t you want to grow out some gills & swim to Moorea?

Shop the looks: Deep V Monokini | Braided Hipster Strap | Fringe Ruched Brief 

Photography by Shannon Cummings |


Get Exclusive with our HEAT WAVE Collection

Don’t live near one of our SL boutiques or haven’t had the time to head into one of the few locations carrying the HEAT WAVE Collection? No prob, babes! As always, we like to keep some things on the D.L. and this summer’s-end release is no different. Head over to the web to check out the 3 bikinis available ONLINE ONLY:

Express your inner merbabe in the Boy Short and Padded Bra Top set in Mermaid Scales & cheeky bottoms that reverse to Black.

web-exclusive 3

The same style is available in our sought after Primrose print that reverses to Blue. You will want these bottoms in every print once you put them on!Web Exclusive 1

Our Neon Scales Scrunch Thin Brief keeps it classy and chic on top with a Padded Halter Bralette and keeps it cheeky with barely-there bottoms. Not a thong, but not full coverage – just riiight – and reverses to Black!Web Exclusive 2

What’re you waiting for SL Babes, join the HEAT WAVE club and get exclusive