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Cyber Madness SALE Survival Guide

We know there’s a lot of you merbabes out there that won’t be able to make it in to our stores for our amazing Black Friday deals. Luckily, we are having a special online deal for Black Friday, and it ends tonight! Hit up our Sale section for an additional 30% discount to all bikinis already on sale!


But now, let’s get to the good stuff —  For those who can’t wait any longer, let us tell you that we just can’t wait either! So we will be starting our CYBER MONDAY fiesta this Sunday at 7am PST! You’ll have TWO DAYS to shop the very best deals of the year!  For our early bird shoppers, our first 20 shoppers will receive a free bikini top! And for those big spenders… spend $100 or more and you’ll get $$$ towards your next online purchase.

Wanna know our most favorite deal of the day? $20 tops and $35 bottoms, can’t get better than that! Plus, our sale on sale is going to be INSANE with tops as low as $10 and bottoms as low as $18. Not to mention, your favorite collections (I Dream of Eden, Tropical Desejo and Heat Wave Parts 1 & 2) will all be 30% off for the first time ever! Some of you may not know that we carry some of our favorite brands as well! (Indah, Acacia, Killia, Tiare Hawaii and more!)




4 more days to go and the BIGGEST/BESTEST SALE of the year will be here! What are some things that you just cannot miss:

– All stores will be having door buster specials, which include $20 SL tops & $30 bottoms, 30% OFF our newest collections (Heat Wave & I Dream of Eden) & the first 10 shoppers at each store will receive a goodie bag!

– Buy more, get more! Spend $100, get a $10 gift certificate towards your next purchase, spend $150 get a $15 gift certificate & spend over $200 get a $20 gift certificate!

– Everything will be on sale! Including our newest arrivals & best sellers!


We are too excited, and we can’t contain ourselves anymore, so we want to share our BEST deals for each of our stores. ENJOY!



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Eighteen with Greta Rose Evans

We are so honored to announce that our very own SL girl Greta Evans has released her 2nd book. Eighteen, a photo journal,  was launched yesterday and let us tell you, this isn’t just a story about a number. This is a story about everything that comes along with it.

Some of us have been there and lived through the trials and tribulations of growing up, this book will take you back or give you a keen insight into being 18, even if for a second time. Turning eighteen held a year of excitement and challenges for Greta and couldn’t make you feel more humbled about your own experiences. Moving out of her parents home, falling in love, going to college, traveling across the world with SL & overall learning how to live on her own as the new adult she was becoming.

We take pride in you for achieving your goals and loved being along for the ride. Happy birthday Greta!

Have some burning questions for our babe?? She will hold a Q&A throughout the weekend HERE on the blog. So, ask away!

Her book will be available in stores early December!

Follow @greta_rosee for more about her adventures & her book



Baby it’s dark outside, the moon light is shinning on us, lets show off your perfect tan.

One of our all time favorite photographers, Daniela Quinlan, was craving a candid, colorful, yummy shoot with our forever-muse Mahina Garcia. Colorful and bright? Then to incorporate the Heat Wave pt 2 collection was a no brainer!

Daniela was inspired by a photograph of Natasha Poly where she was eating ice cream for Vogue magazine a few years ago. Instantly she thought adding a fun fearless twist. She thought that a midnight dip in the ocean would be a great addition to what she had in mind.

It was fun and bright night, until Mahina suddenly rushed out of the water because she saw A SHARK in the water. Oh, that’s the island life!

beachNIght-0816-EditSequin Scales Braided ThongbeachNIght-1113-Edit


Tropicana Reversible Thong

beachNIght-0945-EditFloating Flower Braided ThongbeachNIght-0703-EditPineapple Palms Ruched Thong Brief
beachNIght-0724-EditSpecial thanks to:

Photographer: Daniela Quinlan

Model: Mahina Garcia

MUA: Kecia Litman 



Big Wave Surfer Makani Adric gets ready for Winter

[Heat Wave Indo Breeze & Magenta Boy Short]

 Winter is Coming … and unlike Game of Thrones, there’s no Jon Snow riding to the rescue. HOWEVER, we’ve got babe Makani Adric surfing some massive waves. Showing us that she doesn’t need men, she beats them! Makani tells us what she does to prepare for Surf Season and how she stays in shape all year-round.

     “I love surfing during the winter. Whether it’s surfing fun little sandbars around the North Shore or dropping into big waves at Waimea Bay, you always have to be prepared for any surfing conditions you are about to surf in.” Makani tells us that she loves how every day is different out in the water, keeps the thrill alive!

[Tropical Desejo Coral Braided Hipster]IMG_3877

   STAYING FIT ALL YEAR: “The first and most important key to surfing during Hawaiian Winter’s is always being prepared mentally and physically. That means eating the right foods and making time for daily physical activities. Cardio is very important if you are thinking about surfing big winter waves. Some of my regular cardio workouts include running, burpees, mountain biking, swimming, jiu-jitsu and anything else to get my heart rate up and pumping.”

[I Dream of Eden Mystical Leopard Sport Top is Makani’s favorite for working out]IMG_4009



     SAFETY IS KEY: “Surfing for me is very exciting, but before Iʻm about to paddle out I always stretch in the gym or on the beach. I prefer stretching on the beach because it gives me time to scope out the line-up, see what rip currents and dangers there are and especially to check the overall conditions of the water. If you don’t feel comfortable by looking at the surf from the shore, then do not get yourself into trouble by paddling out. Better to be safe than sorry!”

[SL Braided Strap Dress ]IMG_3911


TIPS FROM MAKANI: “Having the right equipment to surf with is just as important as being prepared physically and mentally. Talk to your shaper, get the right size surfboard and try it out in safe surf before you take it out in high-level surfing conditions.”


    WHAT SHE LOVES ABOUT SLB: “I LOVE my San Lorenzo Bikinis, there are so many different styles to choose from, makes it easy to have a bikini for every activity! With San Lorenzo there’s a lot of different and unique colors. My friends and I always get the best compliments with every session we surf. Surfing isn’t all about being the best surfer or catching the biggest wave … it’s about having fun. Smile a lot and have fun with the people you are around, always do the things that make you happy!”


Checkout Makani in action on Instagram @MakaniAdric

Share with us how you grab adventure by the horns!

Until next time babes xx

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