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Waikiki Cruising with Aya Hoshi

Our team had such a blast venturing around the gem that is Waikiki shooting with total Japanese model babe (and funball), Aya Hoshi. We played around the South Shore the whole day with Aya rocking her favorite SL bikinis.
We started the day near Diamond Head with our fruit sustenance of choice, pineapple of course! CURRENTLY TRENDING: Pineapples as the perfect accessory for your Sunglow ‘kini, girls. Just sayin’.
After cruising the beautiful beach strip of Waikiki we walked around little back streets, which were picturesque hidden gems in themselves. I mean, who doesn’t want to live on Coconut Ave?!
You can’t visit Hawai’i without eating some truly mouthwatering foods. Our lunch pick of the day was a stop at Banàn. This quaint food truck uses local organic produce to make acai and soft-serve ice cream, it doesn’t get much better than that. Absolutely delicious, healthy, and fresh. Aya went for the original Papaya Boat and couldn’t get enough!
Aya is currently obsessed with our Bahia collection, her favorite prints being the Del Mar and Locos Blocos print as seen below!
Our team had a wonderful day showing Aya around, sharing all the beauty and fun Waikiki has to offer — while also looking fierce in our SL Bikinis. 😉 Thank you to Aya for being an absolute treasure to work with >> Catch more of her adventures here.
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Annual SO HOT Summer SALE

With an abundance of sunshine and free time there’s only one thing needed to complete this summer puzzle — B I K I N I S.

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Keeping Up with Bree Kleeintop

She’s a professional surfer, model, bikini lover, one of our new favorite girls to shoot, and she always seems to inspire us in one way or another. Can you guess who we’re talking about? If you guessed Bree Kleintop, you’ve got it! We wanted our SL girls to get a chance to know the gorgeous blonde bombshell, so Bree sat down with us to talk about her experience living in different places, how she keeps her amazing bikini-ready body, and of course to give us a few words of inspiration.
 YouTube Preview Image
Hi Bree! Thanks for joining us. Tell us a bit about yourself. 
B: I’m originally from the East Coast, now residing on the West Coast in the cool little town of San Clemente. I was a competitive surfer when I was younger, which gave me amazing opportunities to travel the world and shoot campaigns with my sponsors. As I’ve gotten older I’ve been lucky to be able to transition into a lifestyle / free surfer. I also signed with a few Modeling Agencies and get to work with amazing clients like San Lorenzo! I love to travel, dive into new experiences and do things that put a smile on my face… Laughter is key!
Living in SoCal and being in Hawaii all the time, you know all the ins & outs of both places. What is your favorite part about Hawaii and California?
B: Hawaii is such a beautiful magical place…Every morning I wake up to the sound of the waves crashing and I can jump right out of bed and hop into the warm water for a fun surf. I love going for runs along the bike path, and grabbing my fav lunch at Pupukea Grill, so yummy. You wear bikinis everywhere and there’s not really a care in the world or any stress, you’re just happy living the life. California on the other hand is much faster paced but so many more opportunities. There’s always a new place to explore or some fun event going on in LA. It’s good to have the juxtaposition between the two…they are total opposites but both inspiring and good for the soul in different ways!
When you’re not surfing or looking pretty in pictures, what do you enjoy doing?
B: When I’m not working or in the water, you’ll usually find me outdoors doing something with friends, reading a good book, cooking a yummy meal or messing around on my guitar. Filming surfing and cool lifestyle pieces is also a passion of mine. I have an amazing boyfriend who always keeps me laughing, goofing around and up to something fun!
Surfing, modeling, traveling the world and your personal life, it all sounds so exciting! How do you keep a balance of it all?
B: I have some really great people who manage my schedule and keep me straight! But for sure there are days that I have to push myself to fit it all in and making sure I take time to do something for myself helps keep everything in perspective, even if it’s just a redbox & froyo
We know you love sweets (ehemm.. snacking on some Cinnabon before shooting last December!) How do you keep your body bikini ready all year round?
B: Haha I love to cook for my boyfriend & friends! Of course I had to have some sort of goodie for you guys to start the shoot right. It’s important to splurge every once in while and enjoy life. I just make sure to go to an extra spin or barre class, which I’m addicted to lately! But I listen to my body and give it what it wants, I just try not to overindulge and always being outside getting active is the name of the game!
Do you have a favorite bikini from the La Boheme collection? 
B: I have many! But I have a lil extra love right now for the Braided Thong…the Ruby Red color pops & makes me summertime happy!
Okay, last but not least. Can you share some words of inspiration for our loyal SL babes?
B: The trick is to enjoy life! Don’t wish away your days waiting for better ones ahead. One of my favorite quotes that always rings true is…’And above all…watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you. Because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic…will never find it.’
Thanks Bree for the interview! We love to watch you do your thing. Your positivity and great attitude towards life inspires us here at SL. You are truly beautiful, inside and out. See you at the beach!



Bahia Archives

Summer is so close you can almost taste it. The weather is warming up, the water is turning crystal clear blue, and the whole island of Hawaii is radiating the positive energy this season naturally brings. To top it off, we just launched our pre-summer collection BAHIA. Even if you are far from a tropical paradise, I promise that slipping into one of these bikinis will make you feel like you’re in one. For our first BAHIA photo shoots, we stayed close to the place we call home “Oahu, Hawaii” and teamed up with our SL Babes Amber Mozo, Malia Murphey, and our newest brand ambassador Dakota. If these behind the scenes film photos of our photo shoots don’t scream “it’s almost summer!” we don’t know what does.


Dakota is the newest addition to the SL Team! She’s a natural beach babe, who lives part time in California and part time in Arizona. She was here in Hawaii for a few days so Amber picked her up and drove her around North Shore. As they explored, she stopped at one of her favorite local places to shoot along the way. A secret Lagoon which is the perfect mix of beach and forest. Want a clue on how to get there? There’s a fruit stand across the street, that’s where she got this fresh and delicious coconut!

IMG_4817Shop the BAHIA Brasillia & White Thong Brief

IMG_8260 (1)Shop the BAHIA Carnival & Menta Knotted 3 Strap


Malia and Amber have grown up together on the North Shore. And the day of this shoot was not a day out of the ordinary for them. They live at the beach, and spend the majority of their time taking photos in bikinis. When they’re not surfing baby waves at Pipeline of course. No planning. No complicated props. Just Malia, a Bahia Bikini, her glass water bottle, Waimea Bay, and Amber with a camera. This simple combination and you have photo shoot magic. It was a beautiful day at the bay and after Amber got inspired to take these photos of Malia cooling off on a hot summer day.

IMG_4830 IMG_5044 IMG_6143 IMG_7135 (1)Shop the BAHIA Arara Azul & Neon High Waisted Hipster Strap

Happy Almost Summer San Lorenzo babes!




Greta’s + Amber’s Getaway Packing List

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you’ve most likely seen the adventures we go on with our two San Lorenzo Bikini Babe’s, Greta Rose & Amber Mozo. We’ve traveled to many dreamy destinations with these two, and we’re pretty sure they’ve become experts at packing because of it! Greta is a model and blogger, and Amber is the girl who is always behind the lens of our SL shoots. These two are travel partners, best friends in real life, and practically live in our bikinis. So we thought they’d be perfect to give you some tips on what to bring when you go on your next tropical getaway.

This list includes their ultimate picks and must haves. These items will for sure brighten up your trip, and make paradise that much more special. Enjoy your travels and don’t forget to take lots of photos in SL bikinis and hashtag #SLBikinis so we can check them feature you on our page.