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Meet Leila Thomas, our Muse for our VINTAGE ALOHA Collection

Not sure if its the way that she swings her hips or that super exotic fire she has in her eyes, or maybe both, but we love some Leila Thomas. We couldn’t get enough since we last shot for our LA BOHEME collection, so we had to bring her again and grace our VINTAGE ALOHA collection with everything that makes her beautiful self.  After a wild week for Swim Miami, we spent our last day exploring around the beaches of south Miami as we channel our island roots in this palm paradise.
You’re originally an island gal from the North Shore of Oahu. How do you stay grounded and remember the Aloha way of living while traveling around the world?
Leila: I think the Aloha way of living is a certain mindset. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the islands or on the road, you can choose to see the world with Aloha no matter where you are.
You rarely wear makeup in your photos, but who needs it when your skin is as flawless as yours. What are your best skin secrets?
Leila: Haha! I just literally laughed out loud because I have zit cream on now. You’re right, I don’t like wearing makeup. My makeup philosophy is; if I wouldn’t eat it, I don’t want it. Your skin absorbs everything. I breakout from makeup so when I’m not working I try to use nothing but coconut oil on my body and jojoba oil on my face. And when I’m breaking out (like right now) I eat extra-clean and use Bario Badescu drying lotion.
During Miami Fashion Week you shot with Derren Versoza for VINTAGE ALOHA. What was your favorite part about shooting in Miami? And what is your favorite thing about wearing the VINTAGE ALOHA Collection?
Leila: Derren Versoza is wonderful. I could be shooting with him in a airport restroom and can guarantee we would still have a great time. He makes you feel comfortable and lets you let loose, which is when you get gold. Miami is hot and sticky especially in July, so my favorite part is always when it’s time for the water shots. The collection itself brings me back to home. The prints and colors totally remind me of that old time surf chick Gidget.
Your style is the perfect blend of island girl meets LA, where do you get your inspiration from?
I pull inspiration from every where. My photo library is all screen shots of cool images. But it’s easy to get pulled into what everyone else is wearing. Best thing is to just see something that catches your eye and ask yourself, do I like this? So many times I’ve caught myself trying to dress to impress and that’s the silliest thing you can do. Sexy is comfort and confidence.
We love your energy, every time we see you you’re always glowing. What’s a daily mantra that helps keep you positive and happy?
Leila: There’s no time to waste being unhappy. Even the most impossibly hard moments this world and life is still so mind-bogglingly beautiful. I don’t have a daily mantra but I think it’s important to constantly evaluate yourself and question if you are happy with yourself and what you’re doing. If the answer is No, then something needs changing. Hopefully it’s Yes that means you’re probably “glowing” too.
Our first shoot with you, you shot for our LA BOHEME collection last year, remember? Now that you’ve shot in LA BOHEME and VINTAGE ALOHA, we have to ask, which collection is your favorite and why?
Leila: Dang, both are killer. Honestly every girl needs a little bit of both. Everyone has that La Boheme travel gypsy in her as well as that Aloha love. I’ll pack La Boheme in my travel bag and keep the Vintage Aloha for when I’m romping around the island. Which will be next week… I’m coming home!!!! X
Photography by the one and only Derren Versoza

Live our ‘Vintage Aloha’ state of mind

Hawai’i, our island home and constant inspiration. Feeling rather nostalgic and wishful for simpler times, we retrograde this latest collection and in doing so we invite you to join us on the journey to a VINTAGE ALOHA state of mind.

The collection will launch at all 8 locations [Maui, Oahu, California] and online 08.16.15 at the locations below. VINTAGE ALOHA is comprised of your all-time favorite SL styles with 5 new styles adding a flair that will have you living in your ‘kini like you’ve never done before. Sporty, sexy, fuller support and trendy styling to take from beach to street with a flip of your babe’n hair.





We’re introducing this newest capsule collection by bringing out the big guns [refer to our secret weapons below] & adding to the old school charm by providing Haku Flower Crown DIY to ALL purchasing babes on August 16th! So get into your local SL, fall in love with VINTAGE ALOHA & fall back in time by making a flower crown — now your look is on point.


Rachel Barnes // SL Newport Beach 2p-4:30p

Cait & Shannon Barker // SL Malibu 12p-2:30p

Alyssa Wooten // SL Ala Moana 12p-3p







Malibu // 3826 Cross Creek Rd. // 10a-7p                  Newport // 271 Newport Center Dr. // 11a-6p


Ala Moana Shopping Center // Suite 1207 // 9:30a-7p       Kailua // 130 Kailua Rd. // 10a-6:30p

Haleiwa // 66-057 Kamehameha Hwy // 10a-6:30p        Puck’s Alley // 2600 S King St. // 10a-6:30p

Pearlridge Center // Ste 2201 // 10a-6p


Pa’ia // 115 Hana Hwy. // 9:30a-9p

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Photo credits:

Sjana Earp x Samantha Feyen

Rachel Barnes x Derren Versoza

Leila Thomas x Derren Versoza

Chantel Jeffries x Derren Versoza


Calling all College babes, Campus TAKEOVER Time

Golden skin, shining brilliant hair and that refreshed feeling that embodies us each after an adventurous Summer.  Some of us spent it running around exploring every corner of the world or peeking into untouched areas of our cities, while others of us took the chill-out road to meandering poolside or toes in the sand with a good book (of choice) in hand.

Now you’ve got that newly instilled yearning for learning, feeling the electricity of a new school year, the buzzing of campus madness. What if we told you we could make it even better?  Take that back-to-school feeling one step further by bringing San Lorenzo Bikinis to YOUR CAMPUS!

SL wants to bring our team of babes to you — hosting an event for your organization or getting involved with your favorite campus festival! Let us put together a pop-up shop event your fellow student body will thank you for; whether it be at your Sorority house, the quad, or wherever is best for a babe’n good time on your College Campus.

Everyone needs a little extra inspiration to kick-off the beginning of the year. We’re here to provide the entertainment, bikinis galore and memories your organization’s babes will remember for a long time to come. If you’re an interested college student, get to movin’ & have your Sorority/ university-recognized Club President or College Events Coordinator contact us at We will plan everything for you & can’t wait to hear your ideas to keep that Summer spirit in the air.

This is open to more than just Southern California schools, reach out and we will see what we can do!SoCal Sororities


Behind the Scenes of Miami Fashion Week

The last few hours leading up to the catwalk can be both exciting and overwhelming. As the stage is getting prepared and chairs are being lined up, it is much like the calm before the storm. On the outside, everything is quiet and tranquil . But behind the scenes, models, hair & makeup artists, designers, and stylists are hard at work putting the final touches on their collections before they’re presented to the world. The process of getting ready for the final moment where MIND . BALI . SOUL took the stage, involved hair stylists spending time braiding and weaving traditional balinese flowers into the models hair, makeup artists painting the model’s faces to look effortless and naturally beautiful , and stylists making sure the bright and exotic prints of Bali fit the models bodies perfectly.  We felt a special connection with our whole team, and shared great conversations and laughs as we got ready to take the stage. We’re so thankful for everyone’s hard work and the part everyone played in bringing MIND . BALI . SOUL  to life. It was definitely a night to remember!



Focus and coordinations! Practicing for the opening performance of our show – one of our favorite parts of the night! Watch the show here:


EV4A1802Adorned in details and more details – a  waterfall of Balinese flowers. One of our favorite hair looks of the night!

EV4A1821The final look of the night, bold and natural. Just how we like it! EV4A1822



EV4A1858That’s a wrap, time to celebrate!
EV4A1851All smiles coming off the runway. EV4A1862

Congratulations to these beauties Julia Friedmann and Mckenna Berkley on their first ever runway show! You both looked stunning and effortless, and we hope it was everything you dreamed it would be.


Much love and special thanks to our star photographer Clint Padilla for capturing everything that we on behind the scenes of such a memorable night.

Watch the full video here:

Mahalo to LDJ Productions, Blow Blow Dry Bar and our sponsors, Maui babe, Voluspa Candles, Child of Wild, Looq System, Hello Hair, Frank Bod, Bikini Cleanse, Pandeia, Aloha MomentNectar and  Heather Brown. Last but not least, our stunning models, Chrissy Clark, Mckenna Berkley, Lacey Nelson, Julia Friedmann, Mara Teigen, Tati Souza, Bianca Palmerin, Beatriz Fernandez, Soa Denise, Leila Thomas, Juliana SharkHolly Baratta and Tiffany Breit