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I had been on Oahu for two days when I got the call from San Lorenzo Bikinis that they wanted to send my best friend Amber and I to the island of Molokai to shoot. The moment I got off the phone with SL, I was so excited. I had never been to another Hawaiian island before, and Amber (who’s been to many) hadn’t been to Molokai either. It would be a new experience for both of us, and I was anxious to get there. San Lorenzo booked our tickets, and we were set to leave a few days after. Since we were only staying a couple of days, we packed really light. Here’s what we brought.


Cameras: Both Amber & I have Canon 5D Mark II’s.
Sapphire& sunscreen: I love this sunscreen because it’s organic and it’s made with coconut oil.
Maui Babe: This gives you a perfect bronzed glow.
LOTS of San Lorenzo Bikinis
Beach towels: San Lorenzo makes the cutest & brightest beach towels.
Good books: My all time favorites are The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle & The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.
Cute beachy clothing & jewelry: Whenever you do bikini shoots, it’s always important to bring accessories and cute clothes to mix it up a little bit.
Tea: Amber & I always try to keep it healthy and detox no matter where we are. Tiny tea by Your Tea is awesome. We bring this everywhere, and we’re always sipping on it.
A good playlist: Amber and I spent some time the night before loading some new songs onto our I-phones. It’s important to have good tunes to listen to on the plane ride. And also to jam to while we’re shooting photos for San Lorenzo.
Journal: I always bring my journal everywhere I go. It’s special to document your life no matter where you are.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 2.09.51 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 2.09.59 PMAmber and I packed our bags that night and the next morning we were up early and off to the airport. Since Molokai is so close to Oahu the plane we ended up taking was really small. It was only a six-seater plane, and there were only two other people on it with us. The plane ride ended up being a little bumpy since it was windy out and in a small plane you can feel any kind of movement in the air. That’s where good tunes and cameras come in handy! Amber and I distracted ourselves by taking photos from the plane, and jamming out to some good songs.

The plane ride was so quick; we landed in no time at all. After Amber and I landed we had to get groceries since we were staying at a house, so the first thing we did was drive to the grocery store. The whole ride there was so beautiful. Molokai is known for how reserved and untouched it is. We enjoyed a 30 min peaceful ride to the store, and maybe saw 1 or 2 cars the whole drive there. Thanks to Google, we were able to find a really cool all natural grocery store owned by a sweet local of Molokai. We spent about fifteen minutes there and loaded up on a bunch of fresh fruit. Fruit is great because it’s so healthy, delicious, and it’s even good to use for props while shooting. After we stalked up on fruit we went to the other main grocery store to get a few more necessities. There we found a little farmers market, and we bought a few more healthy snacks such as avocado and a pineapple. All the locals in Molokai were such sweet, down to earth, loving people. Amber and I loved their energy and how welcome they made us feel.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 2.10.18 PM

After getting all our groceries Amber and I got back on the road and headed towards the house we were staying at. The whole forty-minute drive there, Amber and I listened to good music with the windows rolled down. The island was so raw and beautiful. It felt like we had gone back in time to some of the earliest days in Hawaii, there was no traffic, no buildings taller than a palm tree, dirt roads. Even the beaches we drove by were vacant of people. As we were getting closer to the house, we drove down this very narrow road that curved around a black sand beach, it was so beautiful and untouched I could hardly believe it. We were in for another surprise when we arrived at the house. Where we stayed was a hidden glass cottage that not only had outdoor bathtubs overlooking the ocean but it even had it’s own secret beach. Amber and I were in heaven. We spent the majority of our days lounging in the warm bathtubs, shooting photos around the house, laying out on the private beach out front reading good books, and exploring the other beaches on Molokai. No matter what we did, we were always in a San Lorenzo Bikini. The weather was off and on, and it was rainy and stormy for most of the trip but that didn’t stop us! We adventured around the island, found some stunning beaches, a cool palm tree grove, and tried to capture the simple and raw beauty of Molokai the best we could.




I’m so thankful the San Lorenzo team sent Amber and I to this gorgeous island to shoot and explore. It was an experience I’ll never forget. Molokai really taught me to appreciate natural & raw beauty, and I’ll always remember the Aloha the locals there showed us.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 2.10.42 PM


YouTube Preview Image

Feed your Wanderlust: Amber Mozo’s Essentials

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you’ve probably been inspired, enthralled and even emoji heart-eyed by our girl Amber Mozo’s photographs. Her travels are frequent and thank the Sea Goddess Heavens, because our thirst for wanderlust is never fully quenched. We are so lucky to have Amber on our team to document the true SL lifestyle that she lives day-in and day-out.

Since Amber travels so often we asked her to create a packing guide for fellow travel bug inhabitants of the world. This list contains her absolute essentials that she’s learned (the hard way) are necessary for tropical destinations frequented by merbabes like yourself.Amber Mozo's Fiji Packing List (Revised)

Don’t have the time or bank account to plan an exotic escape right now? Well, you’re in luck because Amber is currently in the process of curating a photo-journal of her journeys from lands as far away as Africa to the shores of Greece and hidden lagoons of Thailand. In order to have a piece of visual mysticism on your nightstand, we have to support Amber on this project! Please visit Kickstarter to back what will surely bring you serenity on a busy day, beauty to look forward to in the world, and most importantly a smile on your face. So proud of our babe Amber for always following her dreams and living so passionately while following her dad’s foot steps. She lives to travel the world, spread her good energy and inspire others through her photography. Let’s all help Amber make her dreams and vision a reality! Share this project and pick up a copy of her book by March 31st.


Will You Bi[kini] Mine? Giveaway

Whether you’ve played the role of a minx all year, cuddled up to your bae throughout the holidays, or see this upcoming V-Day as an illusive over-commercialized ploy … We have a gift that babes of all types will jump through hoops for!

So get to stretchin’, tighten that kini up and get ready for the jumpin’!

We have teamed up with our favorite boutique hotel on Oahu, The Modern Honolulu for a Valentine’s getaway package like no other. Not only do you get a one night-stay, but you will be spending your entire day lounging poolside at their swanky poolside daybed! Now, we can’t let you chill by the pool in last week’s rags … so we’re OBVIOUSLY hooking you up with a San Lorenzo Bikinis Cabana Bag. You will be equipped with all the essentials worthy of a poolside goddess.

TMH Sign Exterior copyTMH Sign Exterior copy2

Now for the rules. Enter to win by following the instructions below. Keep in mind that this giveaway is ONLY for merbabes in Hawaii (airfare not included if living outside of Oahu). We’ve got something in store for the rest of you, don’t fret your pretty little heads!

  1. On Instagram you must post a picture of whom [or what, this is acceptable for the anti-valentine babes of the world] you want to spend your V-Day with.
  2. The picture must showcase YOU/best friend/ or girlfriend in a SL bikini (with your babe/your best friend,OPTIONAL). *All pictures must be posted on or after 2/1/15.
  3. Tell us why you want to getaway with that babe or your bestie.
  4. Tag and Follow @SanLorenzo_Oahu + @ModernHonolulu on Instagram
  5. Hashtag #BikiniMine *Make your profile PUBLIC so we can find you! Must be 18 years and older to win.

So grab your phones, get set and GO! You have until 2/12 to ENTER! Boys … *cough*cough* get your girl something she ACTUALLY wants this Valentine’s. Single ladies, vouch for your besties and win yourself the ultimate “in yo face” getaway! With much love, we wish you the best of luck, may the best babe win.




Baby it’s dark outside, the moon light is shinning on us, lets show off your perfect tan.

One of our all time favorite photographers, Daniela Quinlan, was craving a candid, colorful, yummy shoot with our forever-muse Mahina Garcia. Colorful and bright? Then to incorporate the Heat Wave pt 2 collection was a no brainer!

Daniela was inspired by a photograph of Natasha Poly where she was eating ice cream for Vogue magazine a few years ago. Instantly she thought adding a fun fearless twist. She thought that a midnight dip in the ocean would be a great addition to what she had in mind.

It was fun and bright night, until Mahina suddenly rushed out of the water because she saw A SHARK in the water. Oh, that’s the island life!

beachNIght-0816-EditSequin Scales Braided ThongbeachNIght-1113-Edit


Tropicana Reversible Thong

beachNIght-0945-EditFloating Flower Braided ThongbeachNIght-0703-EditPineapple Palms Ruched Thong Brief
beachNIght-0724-EditSpecial thanks to:

Photographer: Daniela Quinlan

Model: Mahina Garcia

MUA: Kecia Litman 



Big Wave Surfer Makani Adric gets ready for Winter

[Heat Wave Indo Breeze & Magenta Boy Short]

 Winter is Coming … and unlike Game of Thrones, there’s no Jon Snow riding to the rescue. HOWEVER, we’ve got babe Makani Adric surfing some massive waves. Showing us that she doesn’t need men, she beats them! Makani tells us what she does to prepare for Surf Season and how she stays in shape all year-round.

     “I love surfing during the winter. Whether it’s surfing fun little sandbars around the North Shore or dropping into big waves at Waimea Bay, you always have to be prepared for any surfing conditions you are about to surf in.” Makani tells us that she loves how every day is different out in the water, keeps the thrill alive!

[Tropical Desejo Coral Braided Hipster]IMG_3877

   STAYING FIT ALL YEAR: “The first and most important key to surfing during Hawaiian Winter’s is always being prepared mentally and physically. That means eating the right foods and making time for daily physical activities. Cardio is very important if you are thinking about surfing big winter waves. Some of my regular cardio workouts include running, burpees, mountain biking, swimming, jiu-jitsu and anything else to get my heart rate up and pumping.”

[I Dream of Eden Mystical Leopard Sport Top is Makani’s favorite for working out]IMG_4009



     SAFETY IS KEY: “Surfing for me is very exciting, but before Iʻm about to paddle out I always stretch in the gym or on the beach. I prefer stretching on the beach because it gives me time to scope out the line-up, see what rip currents and dangers there are and especially to check the overall conditions of the water. If you don’t feel comfortable by looking at the surf from the shore, then do not get yourself into trouble by paddling out. Better to be safe than sorry!”

[SL Braided Strap Dress ]IMG_3911


TIPS FROM MAKANI: “Having the right equipment to surf with is just as important as being prepared physically and mentally. Talk to your shaper, get the right size surfboard and try it out in safe surf before you take it out in high-level surfing conditions.”


    WHAT SHE LOVES ABOUT SLB: “I LOVE my San Lorenzo Bikinis, there are so many different styles to choose from, makes it easy to have a bikini for every activity! With San Lorenzo there’s a lot of different and unique colors. My friends and I always get the best compliments with every session we surf. Surfing isn’t all about being the best surfer or catching the biggest wave … it’s about having fun. Smile a lot and have fun with the people you are around, always do the things that make you happy!”


Checkout Makani in action on Instagram @MakaniAdric

Share with us how you grab adventure by the horns!

Until next time babes xx

San Lorenzo Bikinis


Exploring French Polynesia

One of our favorite photographers, Shannon Cummings & her friends went on a trip to the French Polynesia for an adventure of a lifetime. 21 days, countless hours in the crisp Polynesian ocean & great memories. We think that for you to feel what she experienced,  Shannon will have to tell you herself:

“Picture this: a palm tree or three swaying to the beat of the oceans waves. Mountains green and terrifyingly jagged. Sand so white and powdery that it makes you wonder how long it took to get that way. AND BLUE. Lots of blue. Turquoise blue. Dark blue. Light blue. I really like these blues. This is French Polynesia. This is Mo’orea. I live on Oahu and like to say I’m an expert in adventuring and going with the flow but that would be a lie. I like to plan all my adventures at least a few days in advance. There is something about the way the people live on Mo’orea. We did not plan. You move slow. It is hot so that could be why… Anyway, I did not know what was going to happen each and everyday and I loved it. My friends and I relied on the kindness of strangers. French Polynesians are extremely kind. They are so kind that they’ll go out of their way to take you to your destination if hitching a ride. We also relied on the kindness of fellow travelers. No one stole my camera equipment while staying in hostels or carelessly leaving it on the beach. We made an excellent friend who translated French for us and even saved our lives while snorkeling out to sharks – we had to worry about the killer boats and currents in this instance. My best advice for traveling to these islands is to know of a few things you’d like to do. I knew I wanted to swim with sharks and visit Teahupo’o. However, after learning from other travelers I realized that I did want to visit Rangiroa and scuba with the “Wall of Sharks,” and I did want to see Marlon Brando’s atoll called Tetiaroa. I didn’t even know this existed until talking with other travelers. I researched before my trip but there is so much information that it can be overwhelming. Talk to people while you’re here. Make friends. You’ll get a lot of great advice on what to do and what to avoid. Tag along and don’t be afraid to open up…unless you get a creepy vibe. Then of course you need to be careful and trust your gut. I was traveling with two other beautiful ladies so we had protection in numbers. Trust the advice of the islanders. It’s not like Oahu where everything is a warning for those who aren’t used swimming or hiking or being outdoors. When they say there is a strong current, there IS a strong current. When they say you need a guide for a hike, you do. This isn’t Disneyland or even Hawaii. You are going to sweat a lot. So much so that you’ll just want to go almost naked. I only wore my San Lorenzo bikini and a pareo I picked up from a street vendor and washed this every night with shampoo and hung it out to dry for the next day. I did this for almost three weeks. Gross? No. Practical. You really don’t need clothes here. It does get chilly at night though but that is my opinion. Most of the time you’re sweating. Eat poisson cru. I like to think of this as the poke of French Polynesia except that it has coconut sauce. SO ONO. Drink all their juices. Day and night. We didn’t stay in a swanky hotel but we were able to use their WiFi for free (thank you, Hilton Mo’orea)! Check out those places by walking through or going to their happy hour. If you are privileged enough to stay at one of these fine hotels, then I recommend for you to go out of your comfort zone and stay at a pension aka a hostel. You’ll meet more people that way. Traveling is about meeting people.                                                                                                                                                   Mo’orea and Tahiti, maruru roa. I’ll see you again very soon”

WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-4WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-9WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-14WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-17WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-16WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-30 WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-18WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-24WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-29WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-44 WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-42WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-40WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-43WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-38WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-31WEBCummings.SanLorenzo-20Don’t you want to grow out some gills & swim to Moorea?

Shop the looks: Deep V Monokini | Braided Hipster Strap | Fringe Ruched Brief 

Photography by Shannon Cummings | www.memoriesaquatic.com

Meet Sacha Kalis: This Week’s Mermaid Inspiration

 Meet Sacha Kalis aka Bahamas girl – born on a little island in the Bahamas. There’s a list of things why Sacha & her mom, Elena Kalis inspire us so much. They bring out the beauty of the bluest blues from the Bahamas, and get the most beautiful dreamlike underwater pictures.

Sacha, tell us a bit about yourself, how did you get into underwater modeling?                                      

 I was told that I would swim before I could walk and spent more time in  the water than out, then when I was 8 my mother Elena Kalis got into photography and I became her model. I’m 16 now so that has been going on for over half my life really. Recently I have started work with other photographers and models such as Kristi Bisaria, Bobby Brown, film producer Tom Low, and modeled with/photographed with Jay Alvarrez.


So, you are our ultimate mermaid inspiration. What inspires you?                                              

I think that most of our inspiration is drawn from around us, I know mine is from the ocean and from life but my mother, she will just be doing something and then randomly jumps up saying “I have an idea!”.

photo 3Life in the Bahamas… what do you like the most about it?  

 I love living in the Bahamas, I was born and raised here and have grown up pretty much in the water. My favorite part is living by the beach and getting to go whenever I want, whether it’s modeling, tubing, wake boarding, surfing, or just having fun and hanging out with friends.photo 5Tell us something that we may not know about you                                                                    

Well I have been home schooled my entire life, I have ten cats and one dog, I love to snack on dried seaweed crackers, and whenever there are waves I love surfing! 🙂

photo 2

photo 2 copy 2Any underwater modeling tips?                                                                                                      

I used to love to dance when I was younger, so the flow and the poses come relatively easily. Modeling above water is very different that modeling under, under you have to be more creative with the poses stranger and not always graceful to make them work.

photo 3 copySacha is wearing the Peach Bow Back Brief  and the Kona Lillies Fringe Thong

Follow Sacha Kalis for more about her beautiful life & her momma, photographer Elena Kalis


All Access: HEAT WAVE Collection Release

In expected SL fashion we are reluctant to see summer begin to fade away. So, in honor of our endless summer state of mind, we are thrilled to release the HEAT WAVE Collection today!  We want you each to encompass the free-spirited beach babe attitude you’ve carried around these last few months and let summer linger just a bit longer.

The collection consists of 6 new styles, each with multiple prints, and made of some of the softest materials we’ve had yet! You will literally never want to take some of these off, and hey we won’t judge you!

Ilhadecoco-4510-EditHavana Daisies Scrunchy StringIlhadecoco-4905EDITPrimrose Multi StringIlhadecoco-5345-EditAmazon Pastel Scrunch Thin BriefIlhadecoco-6837-EditAmazon Sunrise Scrunch StringIlhadecoco-5601-Edit-EditMiami Blur Loop Strap

Ilhadecoco-6424EDITPrism Heat Scrunch Thin BriefIlhadecoco-5266EDITPython Scrunch StringIlhadecoco-6290EDITLeft: Majestic Lush Boy Short   Right: Wanderlust Multi String

BY+MS_HEATWAVE_01Ilhadecoco-6677-EditSahara Blaze Boy ShortBY_HEATWAVE_04Indo Breeze Boy ShortIlhadecoco-6883-EditFloral Kaledoiscope 7 Strap 7S_HEATWAVE_05Mermaid Scales 7 StrapLS_HEATWAVE_01Heat Wave Loop Strap

But wait, there’s more! Check our limited edition WEB EXCLUSIVES: http://bit.ly/1p2QO6Q

Sizes and quantities are very limited so get yours fast either online or at the following stores: Ala Moana & Haleiwa on Oahu, Pa’ia on Maui, and Newport Beach in California. If you follow their individual Instagram or Facebook pages you can get up-to-date info on which styles and prints they may have!

@SanLorenzoCalifornia    Facebook.com/SanLorenzoCalifornia@SanLorenzo_Oahu   Facebook.com/SanLorenzoOahu@SanLorenzo_Maui   Facebook.com/SanLorenzoMaui

Our team at San Lorenzo Bikinis wants to personally thank The Modern Honolulu for graciously hosting us. We couldn’t imagine shooting this collection anywhere else! Babes, check them out for a little vacation planning or if you need somewhere to celebrate a special occasion – www.themodernhonolulu.com – The Modern Honolulu will not disappoint on so many levels, their grounds brought the heat to our HEAT WAVE Collection!

Also, special thanks to our star photographer Daniela Voicescu (@danielav), our muses for the day Lilly K. (@_lilikoi) and Paige J. (@paaaiggee) & our fab make up artist Bailee (@baileenakaahiki)

Adventure on merbabes and let the nostalgia of summer run through your veins because SL is forecasting a major HEAT WAVE!



The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 Extra has hit news stands! We are delighted to see all the never-before-seen photos from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 50th Anniversary edition. And best of all, we are thrilled to see our favorite babe Nina Agdal wearing our Reversible Thong on the COVER & our all time favorite Bow Back Brief in the inside spread!

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 Extra Cover San Lorenzo

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 Extra San Lorenzo complete

Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal


SL x Amber Mozo ➳ [pt 3]

Happy Aloha Saturday! We couldnt wait to share the 3rd look at SL x Amber Mozo. We hope you can make it to the beach this weekend, but if not at least take a moment to relax and enjoy your day.


Shop here!

Bow backs : [M i d n i g h t  d a t e] [M a g i c  m i n t]

High waist twist : [F l o r a l   P a r a d i s e]

Mahalo again to the amazing photographer Amber Mozo & model Jenna Fettig

@AmberMozo + @JennaFettig + @SanLorenzo_Bikinis