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Keeping Up with Bree Kleeintop

 She’s a professional surfer, model, bikini lover, one of our new favorite girls to shoot, and she always seems to inspire us in one way or another. Can you guess who we’re talking about? If you guessed Bree Kleintop, you’ve got it! We wanted our SL girls to get a chance to know the gorgeous blonde bombshell, so Bree sat down with us to talk about her experience living in different places, how she keeps her amazing bikini-ready body, and of course to give us a few words of inspiration.

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I spy with my little eye, Surfing Mag feature!

What a beautiful way to wake up with the Hawaiian sun shining, those island trade winds blowing and the astonishing Alexis Ren wearing San Lorenzo Bikinis in the 2015 Surfing Magazine Swimsuit Issue. Grab your issue today to see for yourself!

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful woman to grace the pages of Surfing Mag in our bikini on a gorgeous beach in Cancun. Alexis is wearing the Nu print High-Neck set from our 2015 Ilha de Coco runway collection. An all-reversible set that flips to the Melancia print.

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Big Wave Surfer Makani Adric gets ready for Winter

[Heat Wave ]

 Winter is Coming … and unlike Game of Thrones, there’s no Jon Snow riding to the rescue. HOWEVER, we’ve got babe Makani Adric surfing some massive waves. Showing us that she doesn’t need men, she beats them! Makani tells us what she does to prepare for Surf Season and how she stays in shape all year-round.

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Riding Waves With Makani Adric

MAKANI ADRIC – She surfs the big swells on the North Shore & is a jiu-jitsu pro. She has a warrior spirit & is one of the most hard working individuals we know, we are truly honored to have her be part of the San Lorenzo family!

She is always looking for the next challenge, whether its catching the next big wave on the North Shore or getting better & better at jiu jitsu, she’s definitely a  bad ass babe!

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“It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit & keep moving forward. Its how much you can take & keep moving forward… that’s how winning is done”