4 Ways to Embody the Aloha Spirit


Aloha is more than just a word. 

It is a way of living deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture. To experience Aloha, is to experience life.

When you embrace the aloha spirit, you become aligned with yourself and the spirit of others.


To understand Aloha, you must seek to understand Hawaiian culture.

Here are 4 ways you can embody the Aloha Spirit:

  • Spread kindness in the world, treat others with respect. 
  • See the good in people and value your traditions and culture.
  • Malama ‘Aina. Protect and appreciate the earth’s natural beauty. 
  • Be grateful and give thanks for what you have. Be open to adventures, new people and different experiences. 

“Aloha Surf embraces the spirit of Aloha, welcoming botanicals with deep leafy greens color, inviting turquoise blue of the ocean. Aloha Surf brings attention to the beautiful colors and prints found all around the Hawaiian Islands.”



In our stunning new Aloha Surf collection, we wanted to showcase the essence of Hawaii, with the quality of our prints, design and styles.

We did this by:

  • Using fabrics that are kind to our planet
  • Creating them with love, quality and intention to compliment all Wahine body shapes 
  • Using colors and prints inspired by the ‘Aina 


Accentuating every feminine ♀ silhouette, our swimwear is incredibly comfortable and stylish. From tanning to surfing, and everything in between, you can find your perfect style in the Aloha Surf Collection.

Psst.. did you know everything in this ‘botanical and ocean inspired swimwear’ is 100% biodegradable?

(This means that after you’ve worn it as much as you can, it’ll break down into organic matter that won’t contribute to waste  landfill ✰)

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Summer is right around the corner which means it’s time for you to find some hot summer outfits & ‘Kinis

We got you covered (well almost covered)! With our current blowout sale happening, we have so many choices for you to choose from. From full on head to toe outfits, to let’s cruise down to the beach for the day looks.

Bikinis are always going to be your summer staple, but why not add some extra sparkle and stand out this summer.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite items (which all happen to be on sale!)  You’ll thank us later 🙂

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Spring Is In The Air

Whichever way you go, any road will take you to the North Shore. Ah, the life of an islander!  Where the air is clear and the lifestyle is much more laid back.

We thought let’s take the long way there, to really enjoy the gorgeous views, and escape reality for a moment. While enjoying the breathtaking scenery, we spotted a little yellow shack by the beach. Did someone say Papaya bowls? It’s our newest, favorite smoothie shop! The Sunrise Shack – refreshing, locally made and oh-so picturesque! We stopped there for a bite and snapped some pics before continuing on the rest of our adventure.

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Visit our newest store at Kamakana Ali’i

ALOHA Oahu Bikini babes! Let us take you back to our Grand Opening event on February 17, 2017.This will be our 6th store on the island of  Oahu. It’s located in the new Ka Makana Ali’i mall in Kapolei (between KoKo & Palenki and Skechers). We are obsessed with its wide open space, classic white walls, and floor to ceiling windows, which sets the tone for a minimal atmosphere that beautifully showcases our bikinis.

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Ocean Blues and City Views

We’re pretty blessed to be based in one of the ‘kini capitals of the world. Powdery, white sands line the coasts and deep blue waters mirror the (often, though not always) cloudless sky, so there’s no shortage of awesome places to hold a photoshoot.
However, for this photoshoot we decided to switch it up and take our SL babes away from the shore and into deeper depths! With some help from the fellas at Hawaii Glass Bottom Boat, we were able to catch different perspectives of our island home.

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