The I Dream of Eden Pt. 2 is finally here! And for a little bit of a spin, we decided to run wild in Venice Beach.

How did we do it? Well, we found a super hot Russian goddess and instantly decided that we had to get lose & shoot our I Dream of Eden Collection, including our never before seen new styles as well! 3 new styles, 6 beautiful prints and 6 solids to match ’em – now available in stores & online.

We were so thrilled to be able to escape from Hawai’i for a bit and shoot some LA style pictures, edgy & a bit rebellious! We can safely say that Yara & our itty-bitty bikinis were turing heads on Venice beach left & right!

Ready to get wet & rebellious?


AP5T8770EDITBohemian Stain Glass Thong Belt 

AP5T8693Electric Galaxy Braided Thong > Now available in stores, soon available online1Lime & Splash Galaxy Braided Hipster Strap

AP5T8365EDITKona Lillie Scrunch Thin Brief > Now available in stores, soon available online

AP5T8321EDITAP5T8245Electric Galaxy Thong BeltAP5T8256EDITAP5T8308EDITSplash Galaxy Braided Hipster Strap2Hibiscus Jungle & Peach Sport BriefAP5T8082EDITShore Break Sunset Hipster StrapAP5T7986Mystical Leopard GarderAP5T7737EDITShore Break Sunset Thong BeltAP5T8978EDITLime Bow Back Brief

Now you can go cool off! XO

Photography: Clint Eastwood

Video by: Armin Razmy

Model: Yara

△ W a n d e r f o u n d △

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 Nothing says Coachella like bikinis & fresh flowers! We loved all the fresh creations that the team at Passion Roots created. Flower hand pieces, arm cuffs, head pieces, a real flower bra, I mean we are talking not just flower crowns! What will you be rocking this weekend? Follow us on instagram @SanLorenzo_Bikinis for more SL x Coachella love.

Shop the Braided Thong here: http://ow.ly/vwNEx | Shop the High Waist Twist here: http://ow.ly/vwO7b

Florist: Passion Roots @PassionRoots

Model : Maggie  @Magseadaisy

Makeup: Blush Hawaii @Blushhawaii

Photography: Taryn Kealani @TarynKealani