Meet Sacha Kalis: This Week’s Mermaid Inspiration

 Meet Sacha Kalis aka Bahamas girl – born on a little island in the Bahamas. There’s a list of things why Sacha & her mom, Elena Kalis inspire us so much. They bring out the beauty of the bluest blues from the Bahamas, and get the most beautiful dreamlike underwater pictures.

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Embrace Yourself

In today’s society, it takes strong, conscious effort to not compare ourselves to other girls. With the daily overstimulation by means of social media (scrolling through other girls’ photos, analyzing their profiles, critiquing them in full from behind that little glass screen) it’s easy to get caught up in the notion of competition. But take a moment to ask yourself, what is it exactly that you’re competing for? And while numerous reasons may come to mind, the strongest underlying motive always seems to hold constant: the attention of men. Girls want to feel wanted. It becomes something to strive for.
In reality though, the competition only exists once you enter it; It is a choice that each and every one of us has the power to make. Embrace that. And once you do, I can promise that your energy will change. People who have learned to find comfort in their own skin have a way about them that’s infectious. People gravitate towards them, naturally.So, point being, be the woman that you were born to be and allow things to fall into place. And once you get there, spread that liberation to others. We’re all in this together.


What is it about summer that brings out our wild side? Our side that seeks the unknown that awakens a thirst for adventure. A time to discover the limitless of the world and yourself. Be a wanderer. Uncover the unknown. Find your passion and let go.

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Featuring the Bohemian Stain Glass Deep V Monokini

Photographer: Berkley Vopnfjord | Muse: Greta Evans

Wild dreams within me… Let them take me away

The deep blue of the ocean, the incendiary red from a sunset stirs the soul.

Her wild imagination consumes and fills her – she’s carefree, nowhere to go but everywhere, nothing ahead of her but that deep blue.

Inspired by our I Dream of Eden Collection.

Lime Braided Thong – featured above

San Lorenzo Bikinis White Deep V Monokini

San Lorenzo BikinisBohemian Stain Glass Braided Thong

San Lorenzo BikinisShore Break Sunset Braided Thong

San Lorenzo BikinisShore Break Sunset Braided Thong – Reversible side

San Lorenzo BikinisSplash Galaxy Braided Thong

Get ready for summer babes! Its finally time for tan lines, new bikinis & long days filled with the ocean.

Photography by: Melanie Tjoeng 

Muse: Mahina Alexander

Edits: Taryn Kealani

There’s no place like home ♡ Happy Earth Day

“The sea, once it casts it’s spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”
We often take the ocean for granted. We forget the affect it has on our lives, and the pull it has on our hearts. We forget that it is the tides that shift our feelings, the salty air that puts us at ease, and the sound of waves that lull us into a deeper state of peace. The ocean offers us a place to escape to. A place without worries, where time is not kept track of and materialistic things do not exist. The ocean is raw, un-retouched, and messy. We can relate to the ocean, the way it changes constantly, sometimes raging and storming, other times peaceful and calm. Take a moment today to be thankful for all the ocean gives to us, and the spell it casts.
~ Happy Earth Day ~

Today is your day ♡

Every morning that we wake up, life gives us a brand new day. A new day with no mistakes, no worries, no expectations, and no promises. It’s a clean slate, a chance to start over. How beautiful it is that life is constantly giving us second chances. That no matter how bad yesterday was….today is not yesterday, today is new. Today we start over. Today we wake up with new eyes, and a new hunger for life. Embrace this day. Live it as if you had chosen it for yourself. You are an artist, today is a blank canvas. Make it a masterpiece. Happy Monday!

A New Years resolution (& a reward) ♡

2014Happy 2014! Cheers to a year of great possibilities, to taking chances, to live life to the fullest and unforgettable adventures. The best is yet to come, time to start fresh!

With all the resolutions piling up it’s easy to forget a very important person, you! Love everything about yourself and embrace that inner goddess. The biggest rule to make the best out of your new year’s resolution is that you can’t put it off! Don’t wait until you have the perfect list, just do them as they come!

Meditate, say thanks for your daily happenings, think positive, swim in the ocean, get some vitamin D as much as possible, be a good friend & smile! Take time to know yourself just a little better each day and most importantly love who you see in the mirror every day! 

What is your new year resolution? Whatever it is, make sure it makes YOU happy & work on it, starting today! Sign your resolution promise to love yourself and be the best you there is and receive a special surprise at checkout when you bring it in.

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Our kind of morning

Early Mornings“I love early mornings when it feels like the rest of the world is still fast asleep and you’re the only one who’s awake & everything feels like it isn’t really real & you kind of forget about all your problems because for now its just you, the world & the sunrise”

Sharing your life with someone special is the most beautiful thing. Cherish those moments, don’t ever take them for granted & get lost on each other & your beautiful surroundings. It is a beautiful mind thing to be able to escape for just a moment from your every day worries & let go. Meditate, be thankful & take a second to appreciate your surroundings… no matter how busy your life can be, everybody has a second to feed their soul & thoughts.

Photocredit: Caramia Photography

A Little Tuesday Inspiration

beauty“I look with my heart, my ears & my mind because beauty is lost looking just with your eyes”

There is something beautiful everywhere, embrace what is around you. Use your 5 senses & you will get the most out of every beautiful thing, no matter how small it is. Live to the fullest, enjoy every moment, no matter how sunny or cloudy it may be outside. Always remember, mind over matter.

Model wearing: Sunset Tie Dye Bow Back Brief

Photo credit: Caramia Photography