DIY Skull Candy Make-Up

A spooky night at San Lorenzo Haleiwa – Last night, Hallow-eve night we hosted a VIP party for our most dear customers & friends. We partnered up with the talented team of Nixie Hawaii, Hair by Lisa Frangipane & Banzai Sushi for a night dedicated to bikinis & Dia de los Muertos. We thought it may come in handy all the things that we learned yesterday on how to look drop dead gorgeous for Halloween night so enjoy!

Get your inspirational board together, search on our blog or pinterest & get inspired! A few questions you should ask yourself: What color schemes do you want to go for? Do you have your shopping list ready?




Step 1 – White airbrush makeup:  Go over the whole face with a YSL (Yves St Laurent) shimmer, add a little white eye shadow over shimmer and use tape to separate the face for makeup.


Step 2 – Use cream based makeup water resistant for your eyes brows and around eyes (such as Kryolan).DSC_0416

Step 3 – Use a Black tattoo pen to draw on the face (pen tattoos can be found at office supply stores).


Step 4 – Apply shimmer of your choice and the use a Liquid Eyeliner to to go over around the eyes.



Step 5 – Apply mascara before applying fake eyelashes.


Step 6 – Use a tweezer and  duo eyelash adhesive to add the facial jewels (these can be found at craft stores in the acrylic craft jewels section).



Step 7 – Use Kryalon to draw the various swirls & lines around the face.









Step 8 – Final touches: Use lip liner on the inter part of the lips and fill in with YSL all purpose shimmer, curl your hair up & do a dramatic hair do and voila! Drop DEAD gorgeous!





Make up by: Nixie Hawaii 

Hair by: Hair by Lisa Frangipane

Photography by: Alexa Diakoulas

Models: Jenna Fettig, Rachel Turner, Caity Owen, Linnet Eaton & Rebekah Owen.



Our kind of morning

Early Mornings“I love early mornings when it feels like the rest of the world is still fast asleep and you’re the only one who’s awake & everything feels like it isn’t really real & you kind of forget about all your problems because for now its just you, the world & the sunrise”

Sharing your life with someone special is the most beautiful thing. Cherish those moments, don’t ever take them for granted & get lost on each other & your beautiful surroundings. It is a beautiful mind thing to be able to escape for just a moment from your every day worries & let go. Meditate, be thankful & take a second to appreciate your surroundings… no matter how busy your life can be, everybody has a second to feed their soul & thoughts.

Photocredit: Caramia Photography

Halloween ♡ Mermaid Costume Inspiration

Halloween is right around the corner, are you ready? We are honoring mermaids this Halloween as we are so inspired by their beauty & magical presence! Here’s a couple of ideas on how to incorporate your favorite San Lorenzo Bikini into a queen mermaid!


High Waist Twist available in all stores & online

Arnhem Clothing kimono available at San Lorenzo Fashion Island

Kamera Jewelry Shark Tooth 2014 Collection available in stores soon

Frasier Sterling necklace available at San Lorenzo Fashion Island

Me + the Mermaid Our favorite clutch girls, arriving in stores soon!

Ocean Dreamer of Flowers fresh haku crown


High Waist Hipster Strap available in stores & online

Frasier Sterling necklace available at San Lorenzo Fashion Island

Tiare Hawaii Skirt available at San Lorenzo Kailua

Of the Sea Necklace by Wild & Free Jewelry

Meet a REAL mermaid this Halloween in all Oahu stores & Maui!


SL x Shannon Cummings ♥

We partnered up with the talented photographer Shannon Cummings for something a little different. We got a mix of her favorite style & colors, with a little bit of our newest styles & prints from our Pre Fall Collection. This time around, we were looking for something that would allow for you to see the fun & simple beauty of Hawai’i through someone that experiences it on a daily basis. Shannon is a photographer that is truly an island lover, we love how she embraces Hawai’i, how she respects the land & how she takes full advantage on her days on the island.

We are big fans of those who free-spirited life, vibrant souls, and we are always looking for those individuals that whenever you see them in person or even online make you feel a bit more alive.

Hope you enjoy a bit of Hawaii’s taste through Shannon’s lenses as much as we do!

1234567“There is not a day that goes by where I don’t stop for a moment and reflect on the beauty around me. Whether it’s your hundredth or first time visiting the Pacific in Hawaii, undoubtedly you can always appreciate the smell of the ocean in the afternoon breeze. the sound of waves kissing the shoreline over and over, and the warmth of the sand that transports us to a simpler life. These moments are pure bliss. These moments should be photographed. ” – Shannon Cummings SanLorenzo-100SanLorenzo-15SanLorenzo-6SanLorenzo-16SanLorenzo-3SanLorenzo-1

➵ What a mermaid!

Model wearing our Sports Brief in Rumba Red & our Braided Thong in Fruit Salad/Purple.

PC : Shannon Cummings of Memories Aquatic ✿ @Shannon_M_Cummings


A Little Tuesday Inspiration

beauty“I look with my heart, my ears & my mind because beauty is lost looking just with your eyes”

There is something beautiful everywhere, embrace what is around you. Use your 5 senses & you will get the most out of every beautiful thing, no matter how small it is. Live to the fullest, enjoy every moment, no matter how sunny or cloudy it may be outside. Always remember, mind over matter.

Model wearing: Sunset Tie Dye Bow Back Brief

Photo credit: Caramia Photography

Pre Fall Collection: What’s New

Venturing to warmer waters this season? Sail the ocean blue in our Pre Fall Collection ‘kinis! Now available in all stores & at

Our newest favorite style for all youReversible Thong lovers out there! Reversible, extra cheeky, minimal & the list could go on an on!

Once they are gone, they wont come back!!

We’ve reinvented our classic hipster strap style! This new style is similar to the classic hipster strap bottoms, but offer slightly more coverage with a higher waist and more spacing between the straps. This style looks great in all body types & you can wear it in numerous ways!


Our Pre Fall Collection has brought some of our best prints yet! Make a statement with one of our all times favorite!


Its finally here! Braided details, extremely comfortable & reversible!


You know we love the infamous Bow Back Brief more than anything. Our Pre Fall prints are on fire!


10 Ways to Approach Creativity

We are all creative human beings. We dance, sing, and doodle in our notebooks. While there are many ways to approach it, here are 10 things to keep in mind when dealing with creativity.