❀ Happy Lei Day ❀

Happy May Day / Happy Lei Day Spring lovers!

In Hawai’i we celebrate Lei Day (or May Day for the rest of the world), a celebration of the aloha spirit. A lei is a representation of someone’s love, care or for any other good reason to celebrate a special occasion.

It is almost impossible for you not to find a reason not to smile, the streets and the people around the islands are full on celebrating this beautiful day. On Oahu, gotta wake up early in the morning and head out to Chinatown to get a handful of leis to gift to your family and friends. Have I already mentioned that leis are one of our favorite smells in the world? Ahhhhhh, that smell, just to think about it makes me smile.

WEBLeiDay-2WEBLeiDay-10 Whether you are from Hawaii or not it is very easy to submerge yourself into the Hawaiian culture, specially during this day.

WEBLeiDay-3Each island has its own symbol that is composed of a color and flower: Maui is pink, O’ahu is yellow, Moloka’i is green, Lana’i is orange, Kaho’olawe is gray, Kaua’i is purple and Ni’ihau is white. WEBLeiDay-15

My ritual every year is to head to the beach during sunset, and drop some leis to the ocean as a sign of appreciation for how thankful I am to live in paradise & anything else that brings happiness to my life.

So grab your bikini, head out to the beach, spread some aloha around you today & smile!

Ps. 50 days til’ summer!

Photography by Shannon Cummings

Mermaid: @justbmussack wearing the Ocean Dream Thick Ruched Brief

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