Hamptons, you romantic you

Although New York has a reputation for ruthlessness and a knack for cold encounters we are here to show you that there’s more to this beautiful place than just the Concrete Jungle.

Taking you back to the Hamptons, our girl Casey Evans and her SL bandits show you The Hamptons’ romantic, warm side.

Shore Break Hipster Strap


Even NY babes yearn for summer’s everlasting touch. From sand and sawgrass to light breezes and blue skies, this is where the gypsy soul finds serenity.san_lorenzo_06san_lorenzo_03 Kona Lillie Gardersan_lorenzo_04   Kona Lillie Hipster Strapsan_lorenzo_13    Lime Braided Hipster Strap

san_lorenzo_08Peach Bow Back Briefsan_lorenzo_18

Tell us it will last forever, hold us tight with closed eyes — this endless summer that lives always in our souls.

New York, you son of a gun, I think we’ve fallen in love.


Models: Gabby, Ariel

Photographer: Chloe Gifkins

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