DIY: Halloween Mermaid-Style

Procrastination at its best is when you have TWO DAYS before Halloween and grab everything around your house to create your own costume!

For all you merbabes at heart, this one is for you. Put your own twist on it, it’s quick and affordable — not to mention you could use it for so many other occasions, because who doesn’t need a crown on a regular basis. BOW DOWN, boyfriends.

– Wire ribbon that you will cut into 3 ft. strips >> We recommend Seafoam Blues & Greens, we also mixed in sparkly ribbon!
– Assorted shells & Starfish
– Hot glue gun + glue sticks
– Scissors


-Knot three pieces of ribbon together at their ends.
-Braid the 3 ribbon pieces to fit the circumference of your head (a little over a foot should do).
– Knot the braid at the end.

image-14 (1) copy

– Glue your shells onto the braided ribbon
– We encourage you to get creative & use more than shells. These crowns look great with beads, sequins, flowers and any other embellishments that fit your mermaid style!
– Cone-shaped shells are our favorite because they make that royal crown shape!

image-16 (1)

– Tie or glue extra pieces of ribbon to the end knot of the braid
– Join both ends of the braid and glue together


VOILA, a crown fit for a MerBabe 😉 Thank you to all the Maui girls that came out to our DIY class in Pa’ia and getting your creativity on with us!


Happy Haunting Babes & don’t forget to stop in at ANY store or ONLINE for our “No Tricks and all Treats” Halloween discounts with EVERY purchase 10/30 and 10/31! You never know what you’ll get, it’s the luck of the draw dolls.

XO, San Lorenzo Bikinis

DIY Crown Instructions provided by Bianca Purviance

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