Eighteen with Greta Rose Evans

We are so honored to announce that our very own SL girl Greta Evans has released her 2nd book. Eighteen, a photo journal,  was launched yesterday and let us tell you, this isn’t just a story about a number. This is a story about everything that comes along with it.

Some of us have been there and lived through the trials and tribulations of growing up, this book will take you back or give you a keen insight into being 18, even if for a second time. Turning eighteen held a year of excitement and challenges for Greta and couldn’t make you feel more humbled about your own experiences. Moving out of her parents home, falling in love, going to college, traveling across the world with SL & overall learning how to live on her own as the new adult she was becoming.

We take pride in you for achieving your goals and loved being along for the ride. Happy birthday Greta!

Have some burning questions for our babe?? She will hold a Q&A throughout the weekend HERE on the blog. So, ask away!

Her book will be available in stores early December!

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