Bon Appetit, My ‘Kini Loving Heart Giveaway

Love is in the air & whether you want it or not Valentine’s is on its way and there is no reason not to celebrate! Grab yourself a hot date & stare into each other’s eyes or snag up your best gal to show the single life is the good life & you don’t need no man!

For you Cali babes we have teamed up with our favorite OC restaurant bar, Mesa in Costa Mesa. Eclectic and hip, this is the joint for those who have a lust for scrumptious plates & divine cocktails. You and your date will be treated to a dinner for two and if YOU aren’t feelin’ the love beforehand, believe us your PALATE will!  Clearly, this is where you want to spend V-Day and let’s be real … every other weekend. You will also be winning a SL Valentine’s gift bag, so you can show up to dinner golden and glistening!

Now for the rules. Enter to win by following the instructions below. Keep in mind that this giveaway is in Orange County (transportation not included if living outside of SoCal area). 

  1. On Instagram you must post a picture of whom [or what, this is acceptable for the anti-valentine babes of the world] you want to spend your V-Day with.
  2. The picture must showcase YOU/best friend/girlfriend in a SL bikini (with your babe/your best friend, OPTIONAL). *All pictures must be posted on or after 2/1/15.
  3. Tell us why you want to wine and dine with that babe or your bestie.
  4. Tag and Follow @SanLorenzoCalifornia + @MesaLounge on Instagram
  5. Hashtag #SLxMesaVday *Make your profile PUBLIC so we can find you!

So grab your phones, get set and GO! You have until 2/12 to ENTER! Boys … *cough*cough* put in that extra effort this Valentine’s, you are eligible to enter so don’t be lazy we promise she will love you for it. Single ladies, vouch for your besties and win yourself a better dinner than any man ever gave you, and better company at that are we right?! With much love from US to YOU, we wish you the best of luck & may the best babe win.

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