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Summer is so close you can almost taste it. The weather is warming up, the water is turning crystal clear blue, and the whole island of Hawaii is radiating the positive energy this season naturally brings. To top it off, we just launched our pre-summer collection BAHIA. Even if you are far from a tropical paradise, I promise that slipping into one of these bikinis will make you feel like you’re in one. For our first BAHIA photo shoots, we stayed close to the place we call home “Oahu, Hawaii” and teamed up with our SL Babes Amber Mozo, Malia Murphey, and our newest brand ambassador Dakota. If these behind the scenes film photos of our photo shoots don’t scream “it’s almost summer!” we don’t know what does.


Dakota is the newest addition to the SL Team! She’s a natural beach babe, who lives part time in California and part time in Arizona. She was here in Hawaii for a few days so Amber picked her up and drove her around North Shore. As they explored, she stopped at one of her favorite local places to shoot along the way. A secret Lagoon which is the perfect mix of beach and forest. Want a clue on how to get there? There’s a fruit stand across the street, that’s where she got this fresh and delicious coconut!

IMG_4817Shop the BAHIA Brasillia & White Thong Brief

IMG_8260 (1)Shop the BAHIA Carnival & Menta Knotted 3 Strap


Malia and Amber have grown up together on the North Shore. And the day of this shoot was not a day out of the ordinary for them. They live at the beach, and spend the majority of their time taking photos in bikinis. When they’re not surfing baby waves at Pipeline of course. No planning. No complicated props. Just Malia, a Bahia Bikini, her glass water bottle, Waimea Bay, and Amber with a camera. This simple combination and you have photo shoot magic. It was a beautiful day at the bay and after Amber got inspired to take these photos of Malia cooling off on a hot summer day.

IMG_4830 IMG_5044 IMG_6143 IMG_7135 (1)Shop the BAHIA Arara Azul & Neon High Waisted Hipster Strap

Happy Almost Summer San Lorenzo babes!



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