Meet Sjana Elise, Australia’s Ray of Sunshine

Have you ever met someone in your life that their energy is so magnetizing that you just can’t help to feed off their happy vibes? Well, that is exactly how we felt when we met Sjana! The more we read about her, the more we felt a connection with Sjana. Plus, you all know we love those true to self babes, what she portrays and how inspiring she is to girls around the world is truly admirable. We were so fortunate to catch her during her short trip to Hawaii. With a 24 hour notice, we rushed to gather our team together and produce the stunning shots with Sjana. 

You recently just took your first trip to Hawaii, did you fall in love with the island? 

Sjana: Absolutely! I knew even before I got there that I would have an instant connection.. Hawaii has been on my travel-bucketlist since before I can even remember!IMG_4060_VINTAGE

 We read on your Instagram post about your love for Hawaii, and how when you first got there you felt right at home and so connected to the island. What made Hawaii so special to you?
Sjana: It sounds silly when I try explain it, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Hawaii.. I’m very much a beach loving girl, so any kind of salty, sandy, sunny or surfy location is generally right up my alley! However, for whatever reason, Hawaii has always felt more than that to me.. Although i’d only ever seen it in pictures or movies before, I felt some kind of overwhelming and indescribable megnetism towards it; almost like i’d been there before and felt homesick for it. AND It is definitely my no.1 place to settle down eventually (other than Australia of course!). And not to mention that my parents had their honeymoon in Hawaii.. They’re still together and all loved up after 25 years so that means something special to me too 🙂
You looked like an absolute goddess during our Vintage Aloha photoshoot. How do you channel your inner confidence and bring it out in front of the camera?
Laugh!! I honestly believe that being able to laugh at ourselves is one of the most important things we can learn! Not only does it reduce stress, increase happiness and create a delightful aura for others to be around.. But it will give anyone added confidence! A smile is so much more powerful than we know – not only for our selves, but for others too!
And it always helps wearing something that you feel good in – which for me is a cute and cheeky kini!!
We know you are a SL girl at heart. We’ve seen you wearing our itty bitty bikinis in your travels around the world. So we have to ask… what is your favorite bikini from our Vintage Aloha collection? 
Sjana: I have to choose only 1?! Aghhh they’re all too cute and comfortable though!!
Because i’m an active girl and I’m always rolling around in the sand, jumping in the water or getting my yoga on in the sunshine, I prefer bikinis that are not only fun and flirty, but is also a good/comfortable cut and a little cheeky – so for me, the signature Bow Back Brief bikini is PERFECT, as it has slim straps (to avoid unwanted tan lines), the top is adjustable so I can ensure it stays on in the surf (and it has flirtacious frills!) and the bottoms are the perfect cut for tanning, comfort and security – the cheeky bum makes them stay on better in the surf, so these ones are also my favourite to bodysurf/surf/jetski in without fearing they’ll drop off haha!
As for the colour – I can’t choose!! They’re all bright and happy which is all I could ask for! I’m definitely digging the Maía colour in this collection though!
We can always count on you to open our hearts and minds to what the world has to offer us. What inspiration did Hawaii leave you with?
Hawaii left me inspiration for the future. I only had the pleasure of experiencing Hawaii for a very quick trip, and only a very small part of it! It exceeded the expectations I had already conceived in my mind, and the little taste of the sweet, salty and beautiful island I had, has made me want to return (over and over again), explore ALL of the islands, and soak as much of the care-free lifestyle as I possibly can!
It’s also ignited a deep desire to live there one day! Or at least have a small shack there I can retreat to often! Unfortunately, Hawaii is almost impossible to legally move to unless you are a US citizen.. So i’ll have to work on that one!
There is just so much about Hawaii that I love and that resonates with me! It’s as if my soul finds the most comfort there amongst the palm trees, sunshine, ocean, sand, hikes, waterfalls, incredible views, loving people, healthy food, abundance of fresh fruit and vegies and the slowed-down, humble version of life it allows.
Sjana’s favorite VINTAGE ALOHA picks:
Photography by Samantha Feyen

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