Aloha- Boo Pumpkin DIY

With Halloween just around the corner, we know whats on your mind. Crisp fall weather, last minute costume ideas (hey, you could always be an SL merbabe, just sayin!), and pumpkin spiced everything. Here in Hawaii, the rain has settled and the sun has been loving us more than ever. We’ve traded in rainy days for warm ones, and while we can’t complain, we still want to keep the fall spirit alive. That’s exactly why we spent Sunday afternoon gathered around the Haleiwa store decorating pumpkins and snacking on candy. Hawaii may trade in crispy multi colored fall leaves for palm trees, but we still know how to celebrate the season. We do some things differently here on the island, so we decided to show you just how we decorate our pumpkins for Halloween, SL style!


What you’ll need:

– A beautiful pumpkin (white or orange). We got ours from the most beautiful pumpkin patch on Oahu, Waimanalo Country Farm

–  White spray paint

– Gypsea Metallic Temporary Tattoos

– Bold & metallic sharpies – a more cost effective & fancy looking alternative instead of using henna ink

– Pencils

– Scissors




First, start out by selecting which Gypsea Tattoos you’d like to use. Use the scissors to cut them out and set them aside.

IMG_7182-2 IMG_7178-2                    Next align the tattoo exactly where you want it on the pumpkin, then press a damp paper towel against it and hold for 60 seconds.

After 60 seconds, gently peel away the layer and allow the tattoo to dry.

Use the metallic sharpies, paints and tattoos to add more designs. We were inspired to draw Henna style, but it’s all up to you. Let your creative mind run wild.







Although we do believe every pumpkin should at least have a bikini!

IMG_7303-2There you have it! Best of luck making an Aloha Pumpkin, and a huge thank you to all the San Lorenzo babes who joined us on Sunday afternoon at our Kailua & Haleiwa stores!

Wishing you a Happy Halloween from the island of Aloha.

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