Tropic Dreams with KJ Skorge

We all dream of a tropical getaway; a trip filled with white sandy beaches, umbrellas in our drinks and a golden tan that never burns. For most, this dream stays a dream. So for now, we will have to settle with living this fantasy through model and beach beauty KJ Skorge, who recently escaped to Hawaii for an unforgettable vacation.
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Photo by Rhema Jaime
We were lucky enough to join the journey (or at least our bikinis did) as she partnered with local photographers to capture her time on the island.  She also opened up to us about modeling, her time on the island and what people don’t know about her!
 Photo Dec 20, 7 10 09 PM
Photo Dec 20, 7 15 27 PM
Photos by Mason Rose
What got you interested in modeling?
I have always wanted to model since I was a little girl. I was scouted at 15 and shortly after I signed with my first agency.
 Photo by Rhema Jaime
Where did you draw inspiration for your recent shoot in Hawaii, featuring our swimwear?
In my recent shoot in Hawaii, I was very inspired by the new locations and adventures. I was going for a look that resembled a girl on vacation that never wanted to leave- which was the case with me while I was there.
 Photo by Brooke Dombroski
What was your favorite part about shooting in Hawaii?
 I loved all the locations. I have been to Hawaii many times before, but having local photographers take me around and show me the best spots made it so special and interesting.
 Photo by Mason Rose
What was one thing you did on the island that you’d never done before?
 I rented a motorcycle and I took it around the island which was super fun and different for me.
Photo Nov 26, 7 40 44 AM
Photo by Mason Rose
Tell us something we don’t know about you!
 My real name is Kjerstin. the J is silent, (pronounced Kerstin) and that’s where KJ comes from.
Lastly, what are your top pics from our collections for our SL baes?
 This Leilani Cross-back One Piece) was my absolute favorite 🙂 And can’t wait to check out the new Mind Bali Soul collection! 
ML__0449Photo by Sheridan Elyse

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