Mind Bali Soul Beach Brunch

Sandy skin, salty hair and a collection of bikinis too beautiful to keep from the world. Lost in a dreamland with our Oahu babes in the best of our MIND BALI SOUL bikinis.
Seeing my other fellow brand ambassadors, I knew I was in for a treat.



[youtube width=”955″ height=”544″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTdqVqtTf-U[/youtube]

SHA_9666EDITEDI peered at our setting for the day. Overlooking the ocean, our bohemian lunch was beyond stunning.  A beautifully crafted wood table was perched on the sand, surrounded with rustic pillows and adorned with fresh flowers and greenery.

The waves washed along the shore and the sun was perfectly warm with just enough shade for us to sit under. It felt surreal, as if we had been transported to the setting of a movie. I grabbed a quick hug with all my girls before sitting down for lunch.
A family of our own, we sat around the table excited for the delicious meal before us. Banzai Sushi made its way around the table, the platter covered in a rainbow of seafood.
It was beyond delicious! We quickly piled our plates – between bites we were catching up, enjoying each others company to the fullest.


 Our stomachs were stuffed. Between the amount of tasty food we ate and the goofy jokes Alyssa told our tummies were hurting.




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We were full and couldn’t manage to wait another second for what was next. The bikinis!

The time had come to slip into the new MIND BALI SOUL collection. I was immediately in love as I grabbed my new bikini – the material soft and the color so bright! Aqua blue with a white mandala design, it was exactly my style.



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We were eager to put the new suits on, and changed in to them as fast as we could once we received them. I took a step back and admired the beautiful collection, on a group of such stunning ladies. Before I knew it I was grabbing Michelle’s hand, pulling her into the ocean with me.

Later, we returned to our girls, dancing on the beach, running through the waves – we couldn’t get enough. We were living in our dream world. The sun was setting and I was happily tired, my soul overjoyed.
I sat back down at our little table and watched the day wined down. The sound of the ocean calmed me. I was surrounded by my loves. In the final moments we sat in silence, taking in the greatness of the day, in our new San Lorenzo Bikinis.


A true adventure, we will always have this day to look back on, and I am forever grateful for that.
Love your fellow mermaid.
[Some of the new styles seen on this photoshoot will be available in stores & online VERY soon! Cant find your favorite ones you’ve seen recently? We will be restocking soon! ]
Photos & video by Shaneika Aguilar
Special thanks to Banzai Sushi for providing the delicious sushi treats
Much love to our Oahu Brand Ambassadors for always keeping us inspired: Paola, Michelle, Alyssa, Kara, Myckenzie, Chloe, Shelby, Kelly & Tjan <3

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