Ocean Blues and City Views

We’re pretty blessed to be based in one of the ‘kini capitals of the world. Powdery, white sands line the coasts and deep blue waters mirror the (often, though not always) cloudless sky, so there’s no shortage of awesome places to hold a photoshoot.
However, for this photoshoot we decided to switch it up and take our SL babes away from the shore and into deeper depths! With some help from the fellas at Hawaii Glass Bottom Boat, we were able to catch different perspectives of our island home.


We quickly got down to business, making the most of Diamondhead Crater and the Honolulu skyline.

img_9942-web   img_9571_blog

At the height of Hawai’i’s rainy season, Diamondhead Crater is its most lush, balancing the ocean azures with deep greens. Several other catamarans bobbed around us; CLEARLY we were not only ones who saw today as the perfect opportunity for a boat ride. Not going to lie, it was tough to stay focused when the ocean was just BEGGING us for a swim… it wasn’t long before we quit torturing ourselves and took the plunge.


Few things in life are sweeter than the taste of the ocean, tradewinds, and some good tunes to match!


img_0352-web img_0344-web

Do mermaids actually exist? Could we ever achieve that sort of oneness with the ocean? The general consensus is certainly “no.” (Not that a girl can’t dream!) But for those moments, we felt pretty connected to ocean. That may be as close as we’ll ever get… and for now, that’s good enough. We pondered this as our afternoon came to an end and we headed back to land.


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