National Beach Cleanup day

Getting an early start on National Beach Cleanup day, we hit the beaches on Oahu with some of our favorite ladies!

Collecting beach trash well into the sunset it was sad to see the never-ending debris and micro plastics left on the beach.


At San Lorenzo Bikinis, there’s nothing we love more than the ocean and all that lives in it. Keeping the beaches clean is not just one of our daily goals, it’s our lifestyle. In these busy modern days its easy to forget how connected to and reliant on humans are with nature. Clean beaches and clean oceans are so vital to our health and the health of everything on this planet.

Megan Costello-9236

So remember to pick up your trash and try to always leave the beach cleaner than you found it. There’s lots of creatures you’ll be saving in doing so.


Its important to me to cleanup the beaches, because just like a dirty room if you don’t clean it up its just going to pile up. So help us in cleaning our beautiful beaches bikini babes.
 Quote by: Shelby (LEFT)
Its important to me to cleanup the beaches, because if we clean it up now the beaches will last longer. Quote by: Summar (RIGHT)
Tag us and show us how you keep your beaches clean!

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