Introducing Anabel Carriker for Bello Magazine

Anabel wears the Cut Out One Piece in Vintage Plaid on the left and the Retro Top in African Sunset– both from our sustainable RETRO collection.

Photographer: Angelina Venurella @angelinaventurellaphoto
Model: Anabel Carriker @anabelslife
Makeup: Mariah Melanie @makeupbymariahmelanie
Bikinis: San Lorenzo Bikinis @sanlorenzo_bikinis

Anabel wears the Bandeau High Cut Brief set in Honey Gold on the left and the Retro V-Thong set in 70s Geo – both from our sustainable RETRO collection.

We were honored to be featured alongside some of our favorite creative island girls. The model for this shoot was our very own Anabel Carriker, the daughter of our head designer. Anabel has been involved with her mother’s company since she was just a little girl and has now begun helping her mom, coming up with fresh new ideas and styles that she feels the newer generations will love. Check out her interview below along with some more photos from the shoot!

Anabel wears the Cut Out One Piece in Retro Summer – from our sustainable RETRO collection

Meet the Teen Designer out of Hawaii, taking over San Lorenzo Bikinis

Meet Anabel Carriker, a rising teen designer taking over the next realm of design for San Lorenzo Bikinis. She’s learned the best from her mom, Lisseth Figueroa, the founder, and designer of the swimwear brand started out of Honolulu in 2006. Anabel has been around bikinis and the business of fashion since she was born, and she’s ready to pave the way for the next era of the company.

As a now 14-year-old eighth grader attending Mid Pacific Institute in Honolulu, she’s sketching and creating her own collections, bringing her unique style of expression through her generation and helping her mom design. One of her main focuses is being comfortable – she loves surfing, water polo and being active. She believes in comfortable yet exclusive and unique swimwear.

Anabel wears the Bralette High Waist set in Black Olive – from our sustainable RETRO collection.

What makes your style different from your Mom’s?

I’m still a kid, so I’m a bit more creative than my mom, in the sense of wild prints and such. She loves the minimalist look which I love too, but she loves the tiny strings.

What do you like most about designing and what inspires you?

My mom, and I love to be able to do it with my family as whole – the business as family together. I am also inspired by making girls feel comfortable – making bikinis that girls feel comfortable in, have fun in, and not worry about their bikini coming off.

Anabel wears the Retro V-Thong set in 70s Geo – from our sustainable RETRO collection.

Do you want to take over the business entirely one day?

Yes, but I still would always want my mom by my side.

What is your advice for other young teens who want to express themselves through art or design?
It should be something they are passionate about and feel confident doing, they don’t have to be scared to be creative.

Anabel wears the Bandeau High Cut Brief set in Rose Smoke – from our sustainable RETRO collection.

How do you see the future of bikinis in the new world of fashion?

I think it’s gonna come back to circle what fashion used to be in the world. A continuous circle, almost like the circle of life.

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