All You Need To Know: HAWAIIAN MAY!

I am a full time mermaid, fashion event coordinator, blogger, seashell hunter… I wear many hats on a daily basis.” 

San Lorenzo Bikinis had the opportunity to sit down with Hawaiian May blogger & event coordinator Ke’alohinani and talk about life, work, and Hawaiian May.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your passions.

A: Well am a very free spirit. I love free diving, surfing, and walking on the beach. I just love living in a “Blue Lagoon” lifestyle, a very simple and pure form of living.

Than again, I’ve had a strong passion for fashion since I was very young. My mother was my biggest influence. She would tell me about different fashions, the designers, and new styles; she also used to sew clothes for fun. That really inspired me, I would start drawing clothes and bags that I wanted to wear and my mom would make them for me.

Living on the North Shore of Oahu, I like to be dressed ready to jump in the ocean whenever, and still able to have a style of my own.  San Lorenzo Bikinis have been a big part of my daily outfit choice for many years. I love the cute girly designs, how stylish they are but still very functional.

with surfboard

I also always make sure to have quality time with my wonderful, and supportive boyfriend Joey. Oh, and cant forget the sweetest fur-child, my main girl, my dog Juzu.

image dog

Q: What is Hawaiian May, and the different activities that make the Hawaiian May.

A: Hawaiian May is like the sister event to one of the biggest fashion events in Japan, called Kobe Collection and Tokyo Runway, two of the most successful and highly anticipated fashion events. Kobe Collection has been held every year in Japan during Spring and Autumn since 2002, and Tokyo Runway opened its first show in 2005. They now have several fashion shows in other cities across Japan, and a few oversea shows in South Asia.

Hawaiian May 2013 was their first show in the United States, it had such a great turnout, and now they are back for round 2. The Original show “Kobe Collection” was started with the idea of a fashion event that showcased more affordable brands, rather than ones you see in New York, Paris, or Milan fashion shows. They started using “up and coming” brands that are more street wear, and it got really popular. The audience can watch the show and actually buy the budget friendly product from the runway.


Q: Which models and designers are you excited to see on the runway? 

A: On the runway I’m looking forward to seeing Jessica Michibata, my friend Mie, and last but not least all the Hawaii models, including Malia Murphey and Gabrielle Harrington. For designers, San Lorenzo Bikinis, obviously, but also MB by Matt Bruening (, Issa de Mar swimwear (available at SL stores), and flower accessories by Ocean Dreamer Flowers (


Q: Tell us about the model search and what you are looking for when selecting the semifinalists. 

A: This year Hawaiian May decided to do a model search with San Lorenzo Bikinis, to give aspiring models in Hawaii an opportunity to experience a huge fashion event such as this. There will be a lot of model agencies, fashion magazines, and media from Japan at the event, which makes this opportunity even more rare for the models who are hoping to be discovered. The chosen model will get to wear a San Lorenzo Bikini in the Hawaiian May Fashion show on May 23 alongside Japan and Hawaii’s top models. She will also have a photo shoot with San Lorenzo’s favorite photographer, Amber Mozo.

The model is going to be walking on the runway wearing a San Lorenzo Bikini, so number one, she needs to have a healthy bikini body and able to do a good runway walk. I am also looking for a girl with positive energy, and an “aloha spirit” who we think can represent San Lorenzo Bikinis and the beauty of Hawaii. The semi finalist will be contacted for a casting call at a San Lorenzo Store, than we will pick one lucky girl to walk in the show on May 23rd.


Models: Nicole Ishida & Gabby Harrington

Q: Any tips for aspiring models that want to have an international career?

A: The majority of my clients are from Japan so I can only speak from my experience in Japan. Different countries & cities have a unique look that they are searching for in a model.

I think what makes a model stand out is definitely their personality. From my experience, a girl with sweet personality, great professionalism on the job, and able to bring the extra happy energy to bright up the whole production team at the job will be remembered most by the client. More than likely the client will than use you again and probably refer you to other job opportunities, and will also gain you a good reputation.

hawaiian-mayHow to enter:

1. Follow @sanlorenzo_bikinis @hawaiianmay @mermaidlove808

2. Post a new picture of yourself, show us your modeling skills!

3. Hashtag #HawaiianMaySearch

Profiles must be public & up to 2 pictures per entry. Semi finalists will be announced Tuesday, May 13th.

For more information about the Hawaiian May! please visit


  1. Kaitlyn Smith 9 February, 2015

    Hello. I am interested in modeling for your company and I am hoping to receive some information on how to do so. Please let me know by emailing me back at the address listed above. Thanks!

    • Amy 12 February, 2015

      Hi Kaitlyn,

      Sorry for the delay! For modeling inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at



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